8 mobile games like Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is often cited as one of the best games available on Android and iOS operating systems. It has a wide variety of characters, a unique combat system, and beautiful visuals that take the game to the next level. If you like Genshin Impact but are looking for a difference, you can consider turning to different mobile games.

There are several mobile games like Genshin Impact on Android and iOS operating systems. My goal is to bring you the best of these games. You may want to meet with games that do not differ much systemically, have surprising stories and offer an immersive visual experience.

1. Honkai Impact 3rd

If you are looking for the best game like Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd will be one of the best recommendations. It offers intense RPG gameplay in a fantasy world, as well as a system where you can buy weapons, outfits and transform yourself into powerful characters.

The game revolves around three unique characters known as Valkyrie. Each Valkyrie has unique skills and offensive abilities. You can switch between characters and fulfill team roles with various weapons and equipment.

It is possible to obtain new weapons by crafting or through the system called Gacha. The more victories you have, the more in-game resources you get. As a result, you will have the opportunity to acquire powerful weapons called Stigmata. In short, Honkai Impact 3rd is an action-packed RPG game like Genshin Impact.

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2. Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a game built on the theme of Genshin Impact. According to the players, this game is at a level that can compete with Genshin Impact. Therefore, I can say that the expectation from the game is very high. However, it would be much more accurate to focus on the features of the game rather than expectations.

The best thing about Tower of Fantasy is that it is an open world game similar to Genshin Impact. The engine of the game is extremely successful in creating a seamless and dynamic world in seconds. You will have seen that light sci-fi touch in the game visuals.

There is a specific reason for this. In the game, you take on the role of exploration in a post-apocalyptic world. There are some interactive puzzle elements in the game. You can do so much through these. Naturally, this game, which is the rival of Genshin Impact, is also an extremely important alternative to it.

This game has not made its official release for Android and iOS. if you wish Early access on TapTap You can register.

3. The Alchemist Code

The Alchemist Code embodies everything you want to have in a game like Genshin Impact. It is a JRPG style game. You'll get lots of tactical elements, anime-style scenes, excellent graphics, and a great background score.

The ability to play your cards by drawing them into the Gacha system is also available here. It is a game in which you must master the mysterious power of alchemy and change the future. For this, you have more than 50 complexly developed characters. You can collect characters and transform them into a powerful new avatar with super abilities.

The best part about this game is that it allows a four player multiplayer game. So you get the opportunity to play against your friends. You can fight against your friends and get rewards for buying new characters. Simply put, The Alchemist Code is a game with exciting elements.

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4. One Piece Fighting Path

One Piece Fighting Patch is a game similar to Genshin Impact that attracts attention among mobile players, but it is possible to say that the game is new. One disadvantage of the game is that it is only officially available for download on the iOS platform at the moment.

Similar to Genshin Impact, One Piece Fighting Path is an action-packed 3D game with RPG features. Here you can also team up with other players and defeat opponents. The highlight of the game offers real-time combat, which we love in Genshin Impact.

It should not be forgotten that the performance of the game has been improved a lot in recent years. Apart from that, you can explore the sea world. In addition, you can manage to collect existing treasures to embark on a fantastic nautical adventure.

This game has not made its official release for Android and iOS. if you wish Early access on TapTap You can register.

5. Tales of Wind

Tales of Wind is a game with a similar theme to Genshin Impact. It also comes with the Gacha system. If you are used to the gacha system, I have to admit that this game is for you. The game has everything from RPG action to tactical gameplay to fantasy.

Tales of Wind has its own unique story of La Place, where you must find the truth to bring peace to the world. Even if this sounds exciting, there is pretty much a lot to take out of the game. There are anime-style scenes, music and sounds that blend well with the game environment.

Tales of Wind includes over 80 different characters that you can collect through the Gacha system. You will need to master the power of Divinity and create a new world order. Additionally, the game has some great graphics like Genshin Impact with 3D animations and intense visuals.

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6. Toram Online

Toram Online is a game that lives up to its name. The game is all about fulfilling a fictional role and this is also the main theme of Genshin Impatct. It should be said that the game is also an MMORPG game.

This way you can connect and play with thousands of players online. This will give you the opportunity to go on adventures with others. You can customize your character in the game as you want. You can also use magic elements, improve your skills, collect weapons, solve puzzles to win prizes.

There is also an intriguing story of the post-disaster world that spanned the four worlds. If all you are looking for is something traditional RPG style, Toram Online will give you that feeling more than enough. If you think of it as a game similar to Genshin Impact, you can be quite pleased.

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7. Sdorica

Sdorica is one of the popular games similar to Genshin Impact. The game is available on all mobile platforms. There is no Gacha system in the game. But other than that, you get almost everything with Sdorica. First, the story is quite enticing and you embark on a quest to find a giant dragon that rules the kingdom.

Although the absence of the gacha system seems to be a major shortcoming of the game, it is necessary to know that there are many things to make up for this deficiency. Like the seven gods in Genshin Impact, Sdroica has a mystical and surprising story that makes the game interesting.

Like Genshin Impact's basic combat system, here you have magic spells that you can use to save the world. It is hardly possible to say that the game is graphically rich. But despite that it comes with all the essentials and I believe you will definitely love it.

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8. Tales of Crestoria

Tales of Crestoria contains a mix of epic tales and adventures. In this sense, it is a very similar game to Genshin Impact. It is a classic anime style RPG game. The story is dramatic with captivating characters and there are many anime references all over the game.


The plot of the game may seem a bit simplistic, but it's still exciting. You fight Crestoria's demons for your past sins. In this respect, I can't help but say that it is one of the themed games with a very strong moral aspect. Of course, we owe this to the structure created under the name of Crestroia.

Tales of Crestoria is also full of combat action. You must fight monsters and enemies of the fantasy world and form a team of allies. Overall, the fight scene is pretty good and I think you'll love it. If you are looking for a game like Genshin Impact, Tales of Crestoria will help you.

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