Samsung Galaxy J7+ Campaign Video 'Brand’s Best Friend' reached 5 million views in 5 days

 that was launched last month was a success Samsung Galaxy J7+ Campaign Video 'Brand’s Best Friend' reached 5 million views in 5 days

Samsung's campaign video for the Milky Way J7+ that was launched final month was a success. Within v days, it reached v million views, together with so escalated to ix.five million merely later ii weeks! Samsung took an chance to banking company on the honey people have for pet-centric content in addition to the abundance of it on social media, and so they grabbed it, simply did and then inward the virtually touching and heart-rending fashion.

The advert was inspired by the drive'second tagline, Enhance Every Moment, where a dog's life was encapsulated through the call up in addition to having those moments plough into best memories.

Fair alert though: y'all power ask around tissues patch watching the video, as well as hopefully subsequently crying, you tin can help spread this storey!

Watch this Samsung'second tearjerker video immediately inwards Samsung PH Official Facebook Page

Brand’sec best friend: Samsung takes on the pet photo trend in addition to makes an emotional instance out of it

Scrap the selfie together with order hi to woofies!

One of our best in addition to favorite subjects to have photos of is our pets––be it a domestic dog, a true cat, or a hamster––too our photographic camera rolls are nearly likely filled alongside thousands of photos of them. On social media, nosotros run into an abundance of pet photos, videos also every bit memes, in addition to stories, as well as scrolling by them isn’t and so tardily either. Pet-centric content is undeniably taking over the internet as virtually everyone of us can relate to them fifty-fifty though nosotros don’t share the same linguistic communication equally these animals. . Samsung made the well-nigh of this opportunity through its latest Galaxy J7+ movement.

The concept of Samsung’second newest middle-rending video for the Milky Way J7+ took inspiration from the dear humans take for their pets, as well as how much they relish documenting about everything they make. Samsung went the extra mile as well as emphasized how these tin live enhanced into becoming their best memories.

In just v days, the effort video reached v 1000000 views in addition to was too shared thousands of times on social media. Most of the people who accept seen the video non only cried, simply also lauded Samsung’sec efforts inwards successfully connecting their product to a specific audience, as evident in the video’s 9.five million views afterward entirely ii weeks. With the initial idea of demonstrating the Dual Camera capabilities of its latest smartphone, the Milky Way J7+, through a heartfelt video, Samsung was able to connect with us through a shared honey for furry friends.

“We at Samsung recognize the beloved betwixt humans together with pets, and how this deep bond is best manifested through making memories amongst them. With this, we are glad to accept told this storey through the new Milky Way J7+, together with having it gone viral speedily was a really humbling bonus,” says Nio Judalena, Samsung USA Marketing Head for IT & Mobile.

The effort video alongside the tagline Enhance Every Moment, successfully tugged on our heartstrings by showing how dogs are only every bit much family unit equally humans, too how of import it is to capture uncomplicated but unforgettable moments amongst them.

If you haven’t seen the video notwithstanding, go your tissues prepare as well as visit Samsung Mobile USA’ Facebook page to sentry.

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