7 Ways to Follow Up Consumers for Sales

Ever heard of the term follow up in running a business? If so and don't know what it is, learn the explanation in this article. This article will discuss in full the meaning, purpose, how to follow up customers correctly and be able to convert.

Do you have a business or business that is in direct contact with consumers? But only so-so? There are always customers, but consumers only come once, and never come back? 

So, for those of you who feel that running a business is like running a romance that you just met for the first time, leave right away.

So, after reading this article, I hope that the business venture that you started was not only visited once, then left. But addiction will come to buy your product again. 

Follow Up Consumers for Sales

Then how? The easy way is to follow up with customers. What is customer follow-up? Just find the answer below.

What is Customer Follow Up

Curious, what is customer follow-up? In general, customer follow-up can be interpreted as someone's efforts to follow up on interactions from clients who are finding out, or want to establish cooperation.

In other words, customer follow-up is an act of responding to prospective clients or potential customers so that they can finally work together with the business you are running.

So, one of the ways to get potential customers or clients to respond to follow-up is to use the right and proper method. So that consumers feel comfortable, feel what is offered according to their needs. Generally, business people run it in many ways.

In addition to providing the best service in attitude and service, they will also give greetings either in the form of a thank you note or a persuasive note.

Usually the Customer Service team has different strategies and methods. depending on the policies of each company.

What is customer follow-up? It turns out that follow-up activities can be used as a medium to monitor company developments, as well as to ensure marketing in dealing with market problems. Where this customer follow up is now included as part of the strategy to get potential customers.

Purpose of Follow Up Customers

The purpose of customer follow-up for the company is very important. Because it's not just getting consumers or new customers. But it also has several purposes, as follows.

1. Increase Company Sales

Whether we realize it or not, the purpose of follow-up customers is able to increase the company's sales results. Who doesn't want their sales to increase? Because when sales results increase, it will automatically open up several other opportunities, such as business opportunities.

2. Delivering the Latest Promos or Special Programs

Every business person. There must be a lot of strategies and ways so that product sales packaging always attracts customer attention, right?

No matter how well the programs and information implemented by business enterprises, if they are spread widely, they will be looked at. Conversely, if the dissemination of information is less outreach, of course the promotion and published information will not produce anything.

Therefore, many business people take advantage of customers who have come to provide information about promotions, discounts or information that might interest them. Even this method is effective in increasing their purchasing power. At least they will come back to shop or cooperate with us.

3. As a Reminder or Reminder

Sometimes, when dealing with customers, there are many characters. There are customer characters who are ignorant, and some are observant.

Well, for customers who are ignorant, they easily forget about our products. So, following up with customers is very effective in helping remind them that there are our products, which they might be looking for right now.

This method can also be used for potential customers who are just interested, but haven't yet bought our product. At least by following up with customers, we can give them confidence and determination to buy our new products.

Of course, for this method to work, Customer Care must be very good at providing detailed, useful and persuasive information.

4. Building Long-Term Relationships

As for other follow-up customer goals, in the long term it can also build relationships between consumers and entrepreneurs. It is undeniable that running a business requires emotion.

Why do you need emotions? Because of what we are facing in front of us, we are dealing with humans who have various emotions too.

So if we want to be successful in following up customers, we can take an emotional approach, so that there is attraction and interest.

Those are some of the goals of customer follow-up. Of the several goals above, which part hit you the most? From some of the points above, it may be practiced for small businesses as well. So for those of you who are still starting a business, you can try.

7 Ways to Follow Up Consumers for Sales

Then how do you follow up sales? Well, maybe some of you are currently starting a business. And want the business that is run to produce results. Here are some tips for following up customers, to increase your sales results. see right away.

Follow Up Consumers for Sales

1. Know the User's Active Hours

Not all follow-up sales that are sent to the customer are correct. If sending at the wrong time, instead of getting their attention. It can actually make us "Turned off" and judge us negatively. One example. We follow up in the middle of the night, of course consumers will feel strange and inappropriate.

So do not be surprised if many follow up during working hours. It's just that the weakness in working hours is still considered inappropriate for a small number of other people, because it interferes with their daily work activities.

The point is, study market segmentation and potential customers. If the customer is the general public, follow-up can be done during working hours. If the segmentation is for office people, it is necessary to pay attention to office hours which are busy for them.

2. Following Customer Online Activities

Tips for following up sales for beginners. Make sure you already know the knowledge. Even if it's just giving feedback to potential customers, there's still knowledge and tricks. Of course, this is expensive knowledge, which you can get from attending customer training or online activities.

Well, if you want to study for free. You can apply for a job in a company, become part of customer care. There, while working, you can learn and practice directly. Of course, you will get a lot of new knowledge, which you can use as a reference source.

3. Connect on Social Media

The third tip for customer follow-up, you can do by connecting to social media. It is common knowledge that social media is the biggest force for increasing conversions.

Especially if the segmentation is young people. For young people, social media is a part of their life. So it's easy to interest them. It's just that, we still have to be creative in building personal branding and good at offering products that suit their needs and interests.

4. Don't intimidate consumers

When following up customers, make sure that what is offered to consumers is not pushy. Because it offers forcefully (either subtly or to the point). There are some consumers who, when offered repeatedly, feel even more uncomfortable and lazy.

Of course we don't want them to cover up just because of trivial things like this right? Also avoid intimidating solicitations and offers. Instead of wanting to attract consumers, consumers become illifil with intended intimidation.

5. Focus on Answering a Few Consumers, Not many

When dealing with consumers, there are many types of people we will meet. There are consumers who are active, ask lots of questions, and there are also passive consumers. 

Well, when dealing with consumers who actively ask many things. You can focus on answering a few questions. the goal is that the conversation does not spread anywhere.

If the number of consumers is large, you can respond to only a few potential customers. Of course, you only need to choose potential customers who are really serious. Avoid potential customers who are just fad or playing around.

6. Empathy

As previously mentioned, we are dealing with humans, who have many emotions. Both sad and happy emotions. So, as customer care, it's important for us to apply empathy.

For example, when our customer is having a disaster, we also have to know their position. Or our consumers are mediocre people, hard to earn money.

But want with our product. So we also have to respect their decision not to buy our product, and just ask first. Because you have to collect money first so you can buy it.

We should appreciate simple and trivial little cases like this. Because of that, one of the keys to the success of our business will be liked by potential customers from all walks of life, because of our humane attitude towards them.

7. Understand Cross Selling, Up Selling and Down Selling

So, it's also important for you to understand the market. Make sure you understand cross selling, up selling and down selling. In running a business, you have to know the place so you don't get out of where you want.

Media for Follow Up

What media can be used to carry out this follow-up activity? There are many yes. Among others, which are often used as follows.

  •      Email to follow up, use email to follow up. Also known as email marketing
  •      Social Media, you can DM social media to ask again whether you are interested or not, or to confirm the offer.
  •      WhatsApp, if you have directly established a relationship, you can follow up via short messages like WhatsApp. Can be directed to meet online or offline at the office.

Those are some reviews about customer follow up. If all this time the business has been quiet, it could be due to a lack of attention and a lack of offers for potential customers.

So you have to be more active. Hopefully this little review will also provide new enthusiasm and insight for you. Hopefully your business will run smoothly.

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