8 Bakeries Development Strategies for Success

A bakery is one of the most promising business ideas. This is because bread is a substitute for rice which is loved by many people. 

As you know, food is a primary need that is always sought by everyone. Bread is no exception, which includes snacks and can be enjoyed by all ages, from children to adults.

This flour-based food is also always needed at various events, be it non-formal events to even formal events. 

Bakery Business

Bakeries Development Strategies for Success


The high level of public interest and demand for bread shows that the bakery business opportunity is still growing. That is why, many business people try their luck in the bakery business.

You also need to make the best of these opportunities. However, developing a business is not as easy as turning your palm. 

There are many things that you must consider, starting from capital requirements, business licenses, marketing strategies, and so on.

With maximum planning and development, the bakery business that you are running will definitely continue to develop into a potential small and medium business. 

Small and medium enterprises such as bakeries are considered to have a quite important and strategic role in supporting national economic development. 

This is because the presence of small and medium enterprises also plays a role in absorbing labor which can improve the quality of competitive human resources.

Strategy for Developing a Bakery Business

Starting a bakery business does require the right strategy so that it can develop in the long term. As you know, in recent years many Indonesian artists have been involved in the cake and bakery business. 

At first, the business went viral and attracted public attention. But as time went on, the cake and bakery business stopped one by one in the middle of the road.

To prevent the risk of this happening, the bakery business that you develop must have the right strategy. Don't worry, you don't need to worry because there are several strategies and easy steps in developing your bakery business, including:

Make a clear plan

     A mature bakery business development cannot be separated from careful and clear planning. You need to consider several important things, such as capital needed, business license, type of bread to be produced, quality of ingredients, target market, and so on.

     This planning is needed so that the bakery business that you are developing can run well. Without careful planning, it is possible that the bakery business will experience various obstacles, both internal and external.

Understand the target market

     The success of a bakery business is inseparable from the right target market. With a specific target market, you can more easily determine what type of bread to offer and attract the attention of potential customers.

Another advantage, you can more easily think of ideas or ideas related to marketing strategies so that they become clear and directed. In fact, you can also more easily identify similar products sold by competitors.

Learn from competitors

     Whatever business you are running, the presence of competitors or competitors is one aspect that cannot be avoided. 

However, the presence of this competitor is not a threat or an obstacle for you to stop. Precisely the presence of these competitors can spur you to continue to develop your bakery business to the fullest.

     Therefore, it is important for you to always learn from competitors so that you are motivated to continue to innovate, be able to understand the market more deeply, improve customer service, increase company credibility, and so on.

Focus on quality and taste

     Quality and taste is one of the keys to the success of a culinary business such as a bakery. This is important to keep consumers from moving to another store. However, maintaining the consistency of the taste is quite challenging.

     For that, you need to pay attention to several important things, including standardizing the menu, having clear SOPs, and having a central kitchen management if you open a bakery branch in another area. You should also always choose quality raw materials.


The bakery business is a type of business that has existed for a long time. That's why you need to innovate creatively in order to survive and thrive in the long term. 

Innovation and creativity are needed to create products that have high selling power and are different from competitors. Generally, a bakery business can innovate with a more delicious taste, various shapes, to modify bread with the latest trends.

Create attractive packaging

Did you know that the packaging of a product can actually attract the attention of potential consumers to buy. 

Packaging is not just to protect the product, but can also be an identity for the brand or brands of bread that you sell, become a special attraction, and provide the information needed about the product.

Maximizing online and offline sales

You can maximize your bakery business with two methods, namely offline and online methods. As is well known, the digitalization era makes it easier for business people to develop their business more broadly, as well as the bakery that you run.

Since bread is a food that has a very short expiration date, you should sell it online with an instant delivery system. 

For that, you can take advantage of food delivery service provider applications in order to reach a wider range of potential consumers.

Apart from selling online, you can also open an offline bakery at home, shop, or rent a special place. However, make sure to choose a strategic location so you can reach the right target market. 

In addition, you also need to consider getting fire insurance so that the bakery remains protected from disasters or things that are not desirable.

Provide transaction convenience

Currently, many people want convenience when making transactions, including when buying bread at your store. As is well known, potential customers do not only use one particular bank. 

For this reason, various payment methods are provided to facilitate and make consumers comfortable when making transactions, such as payments via credit cards, QR codes, money transfers between banks, or mobile payments with digital wallets.

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