Branding with Social Media: Stages of Marketing in Social Networks

Branding with Social Media – Social media is an online service product that includes blogs, discussion forums, chat rooms, email, websites and communities.

In 2009, social networking took action with the flag "EVERYTHING IS SOCIAL". Almost all websites are directed to social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Even McD and MTV also took part in raising social media on their website.

Social Media Benefits

The latest social media has the following characteristics:

Branding with Social Media: Stages of Marketing in Social Networks

1.Transparency: open to the public
2. Dialogue and communication: communication is established, for example a brand with its fans
3. Relationship network: relationships will be formed between individuals who make up social media elements.
4. Multiple opinions: everyone can argue and have different opinions from one another as a result of communication
5. Multi-form: the form can be as varied as social media press releases, video news releases, the internet and other constituent elements.

In the latest social media, there is an important element called influencer. This influence is the ability to shape and change messages that are able to attract people's attention and inspire people to take action from the attention that has been successfully raised. 

This influencer must be able to form a very strong bond or termed engagement.

Engagement implies an attachment that is built directly or indirectly from its main purpose to pay attention to the 'product' or 'brand' also allows for interaction in it, this is done virtually because social media is the tool.

There is a saying that, "Branding is special".

Implementation of Social Media Networks (Stages of Marketing in Social Networks)

So that in promoting the product you have, you don't take a wrong step, then of course you have to have several stages to do it. These stages are:


Detailed understanding of the product to be sold is very important for marketers. Because by knowing the information about a product clearly, we can help and convince clients more easily.

In addition, there are many possible customers that we serve have a critical view of the product. By understanding detailed product knowledge, marketers are able to answer every critical question asked by customers.

Choosing Your Social Networks

If using Facebook, it would be better if the brand is included in the Facebook fanpage and not an account. There are two options to use facebook, fanpage or group.

If you use Twitter, it will be better if the Twitter account created has a strong sense of the brand you have. You can just add a background or color that has a taste of the brand.

If using Youtube, include videos related to the company profile, products sold, services provided, video case studies and others. Generally videos are made in an interesting way, so that later they can attract a lot of visitors.

Branding does not take time, so you have to start pioneering from now on.

Management of social networks

After choosing a social network, next is the management of the social network that is created.

This management should not be just one person, it would be nice for a special brand or company to have a special team for managing social networks so that it runs optimally.

The managing team must have a detailed understanding of product knowledge so they can provide good information and also answer any questions from members, fans, subscribers or followers.

Example of Product Promotion on Social Media

1. Promotion of the Coca-Cola Company

a. Promotion with Website

It is an obligation for well-known companies to have a website. The purpose of the website here is to provide information about the products and services of the company that owns the brand. Coca cola has a main website which can be accessed through www.coca-cola.com

Coca-cola.com contains information about the Coca cola company, product information, career information and much more. The point contains matters relating to the Coca cola company.

b. Promotion with Facebook

At first the Coca Cola Facebook fanpage was developed by Dusty Sorg and Michael Jedrzejewski. They were both originally just regular fans of Coca Cola.

The coca cola company finally called them both to discuss and develop the coca cola fanpage. Eventually they both became famous.

On the coca cola fan page, we can see a special tab that is used to promote the product, the display looks more interactive. 

And it really looks very applicable, especially for carrying the trendy Coca-Cola theme. There are also several branding activities carried out by Coca-Cola. We can also download content provided by Coca-Cola, such as wallpapers, screensavers and emoticons.

c. Promotion of Coca Cola on Twitter

Coca cola created a twitter account that aims to serve follower questions about coca-cola products. In contrast to the Coca-Cola Facebook fanpage which has millions of members, the Coca-Cola Twitter only has tens of thousands of followers and thousands listed.

Of course this problem is not a big thing for them, because the most important thing is being able to provide information services through Twitter micro blogging.

d. Promotion of Coca Cola on Youtube

So that the information provided to users is more complete, Coca Cola joins YouTube. The advantage for Coca-Cola joining YouTube is that users will get to know Coca-Cola as a well-known brand visually through videos, users will find out what programs are run by Coca-Cola, users will know the latest product information and much more.

These branding patterns are what make them even more famous.

2. Promotion at Pizza Hut Company

a. Pizza Hut Facebook Fans

Pizza Hut uses Facebook fanpage in branding events and to improve relationships with customers. The way to do this is to become a Facebook fanpage as a means of 'meeting fans'. The promotion is quite simple, the trick is to make a product photo album.

To raise the masses, Pizza Hut invites its fans to vote for Pizza Hut products on the website sogoodblog.com. This invitation was made through the Facebook fanpage wall. As a result, if Pizza Hut wins the vote, its name will be even more popular and worldwide.

b. Twitter

Through twitter pizza hut also advertise. Because for concise social media affairs, Twitter is the winner. Also through Twitter, Pizza Hut tells everything about the company's activities, from products to the 'free food distribution' event that can be claimed.

3. PayPal promotions

Paypal's main reason for creating a fanpage on Facebook is to make Facebook a tool for conveying information about company profiles and the various services it provides. 

This also includes providing information about the latest services or promotions with other prizes. Through the paypal facebook page, we can also find a button for registration if you don't have an account at paypal.

We can also find the Send Money feature, where the function is to send money through an application available on Facebook.

How to send it is very easy, namely by entering the destination email address of the Paypal owner, the sender's Paypal email address, the amount of money sent and the type of currency used. What a very easy way to transact!

Through the paypal facebook fanspage, we can also find twitter, youtube, photo, discussion and event tabs. It's an interesting collaboration, several social networks combined into a facebook page.

4. Starbucks Promotion

a. Starbuck on facebook

As an international coffee brand, Starbucks does not miss to use Facebook as one of its branding. With Facebook, Starbucks publishes content on its Facebook fanpage such as: videos, blog posts, photos and interesting applications.

For example, an application that is formulated to determine what type of coffee drink is suitable, apart from that it also displays all the goodness of coffee.

b. Starbucks on youtube

With YouTube, Starbucks can brand by showing off commercial videos like videos that inform various coffee processing methods. Starbucks also puts up videos about the history of the company and allows people to relate.

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