Cold Calling: Activities, Strengths and Tips for Doing Your Business

In sales terms, of course you are no stranger to the term cold calling. This term is a technique that is suitable for sales to increase sales figures and also increase sales prospects.

But what are cold calling techniques?

Below, it will be explained in detail about what cold calling is, what are the advantages and disadvantages of cold calling, what are cold calling activities and activities, how are tips for carrying out this technique, complete with examples.

Definition of Cold Calling

Marketing with Cold Calling

Cold calling is one technique used to increase sales. This cold calling technique aims to attract the attention of buyers or customers who are not interested in the product being sold, but through telephone calls. With cold calling techniques, sellers can approach and persuade customers.

Cold calling technique is the activity of making contact with potential customers, who have never interacted with sales before. 

Usually, cold calling is often done by telephone or telemarketing. This cold calling technique can also sometimes be done face to face.

This cold calling technique is an attempt to make a sales call that doesn't work. Even when the phone is answered and the other person responds well, the conversation often ends with a statement that they are not interested in the offer and do not want to buy.

Cold calling is one of the oldest sales strategies and is even highly favored by salespeople to attract the attention of new customers.

Cold calling is currently considered old-fashioned amidst the advancement of time and technology. Even so, this cold calling technique is still being carried out by high-end companies to establish closeness with their prospective customers.

However, this cold calling technique has quite tough challenges. In fact, the success rate is considered low.

This is because sales must be able to attract the attention of customers to listen to the end of the product offering being sold. So it's no wonder that many sales people experience rejection when contacting customers.

This is certainly a risk that is quite challenging in carrying out cold calling techniques or strategies. Therefore, the seller or salesperson must approach prospective customers using this technique with a lot of preparation so that there is no rejection and can even attract customers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cold Calling

After understanding the meaning of cold calling, then you also have to know the advantages and disadvantages of cold calling techniques. 

As mentioned earlier, even though it is very risky and also seems old, this cold calling technique is still used by B2B companies to get potential clients.

1. Advantages of the Cold Calling Technique

Here are some of the advantages of the cold calling technique.

1. Cold calling is an active sales technique, so by making sales calls either by telephone or direct visit, the reaction of the target or potential buyer can be immediately identified.
2. Companies can directly offer by explaining the various advantages of the products offered.
3. For some people or agencies, cold calling which is done through sales calls shows that they are serious about selling.
4. Today, cold calling can be done with a variety of sophisticated sales tools, so it really helps with the success rate of the technique.

2. Disadvantages of Cold Calling Techniques

Even though it has advantages, it is undeniable that this cold calling technique also has disadvantages. Following are some of the disadvantages of cold calling techniques:

1. The average conversion rate to closing sales is quite low,
2. For many people or agencies, selling techniques by cold calling is considered a spamming practice which is quite disruptive to activity,
3. This technique is widely used by some people who are not responsible for committing acts or crimes.

Cold Calling Activities

The following are activities on the cold calling technique.

1. Segmentation or Targeting

You have to divide the market into several segments and target more than one target market according to the products you offer. The aim is to make it easier to carry out various treatments within the target.
Reseller List

2. Pre-Call Identification

You can also identify before a sales call or pre-call. This is a way of identifying whether the target meets the requirements of the targeted consumer and can then be processed further.

3. Sales Calls

Then, introduce the brand or product you are selling to your target or potential buyers. Try to get them to know the product first, so that in explaining, we will make it easier. At this stage, you must use good and interesting language so that potential customers become your customers.

4. Sales Process

Finally, if the customer agrees and is interested, you can offer an easy payment or purchase method and even offer various benefits, after which the buyer is directed to make a payment and confirm the purchase.

Tips for Cold Calling

So that this cold calling technique works effectively and can bring in customers, here are tricks or tips on cold calling techniques that companies or sales can do.

1. Doing Research

For cold calling techniques to be effective and successful, you must do some research first. It is undeniable, without research, of course you don't know how your customers are so they will have difficulty offering products. Therefore, do some research on potential target customers.

From this research, it will be known what the character of your prospective target customer is like, so you can decide to take the right and good approach.

For example, if you offer a portable washing machine product, then your target is people who want something practical and easy, for example boarding children or office workers.

By knowing and knowing the buyer's background, you already have the ability to understand and communicate well with your target buyer.

2. Speak with Confidence

In doing cold calling, you must speak with great confidence. This is a great way to be trusted and accepted while doing the technique. It's normal to feel nervous and worried the first time you do it. However, it's best to prepare yourself as well as possible before doing cold calling.

Thus, what you offer and promote will be able to convince buyers so that you can easily hook potential buyers.

3. Write down the Important Points to be Explained

You can't just say anything, you have to prepare whatever you want to explain when doing cold calling techniques. 

You can make writing that contains points or concepts that you want to convey and explain to buyers. So that way, you don't need to remember word for word to offer goods.

With these points, you will also remain focused on offering products so you don't talk too broadly.

4. Not Easy to Give Up

An important aspect of cold calling is not giving up easily. You must have an unyielding nature in order to win the hearts of customers.

Of course you will often feel rejection, but try to convince buyers about the product you are selling as realistically as possible so that the target is interested in buying it.

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