Different Types Of Insurance And Cover What You Need

Insurances has several types with different uses and benefits. The community must first know whether there are how many types of insurance and also other information related to the insurance.

If you want to register for insurance, you have to know which type of insurance you want to use so that it matches the benefits you expect.

The discussion in the this article this time will provide more detailed information about how many types of insurance there are.

Or if you don't know much about insurance, then you can immediately listen to the explanation we provide below.

Different Types Of Insurance


Life insurance

Life insurance is the most important insurance product to be owned by people, especially those who are already married. This type of insurance is used to cover financial losses that arise due to death or living too long.

The benefits of this life insurance will not be received by the insured or the customer, but will be received by the policyholder who is the heir of the customer.

Claims for benefits from life insurance can be made when the insured dies due to illness or something else. Only then can the policyholder file a claim for benefits and receive compensation from the insurer.

Every insurance company has a life insurance product with different premium offers and benefits. Generally, the greater the premium paid each month, the greater the amount of loss that will be borne.

This life insurance is very useful to have, especially for heads of families who want their family life to be guaranteed in the future if they are not there.

No one knows when death will come, right? Therefore, we should anticipate things that can be anticipated.

Health Insurance

Next is health insurance which will have the use of covering financial risks that arise because the insured has an illness or accident that causes him to be hospitalized.

Such an event is also not something that can be predicted by everyone right. We never know whether tomorrow we will get sick and have to be hospitalized or tomorrow someone will have an accident or not.

If you already have health insurance, you will be much better prepared if something unpleasant happens to you. At least the problems regarding hospitalization costs, medicines, and other related things have been covered by the insurance.

Or the company will reimburse your hospitalization costs according to the previously selected plan. not only individuals can have this health insurance, but families can too.

You can choose a health insurance product for your family so that when a family member is sick, you don't have to worry about the cost anymore.

Education insurance

For every parent who already has children, it is very important to have education insurance. This education insurance does not apply to us as parents.

However, the benefits will be felt by children when they go to school later. Parents don't need to worry too much about the cost of their children's education if they already have education insurance.

As we know that the cost of education is not cheap. And all parents also certainly hope they live long so they can watch their children graduate from school and grow up.

Even so, you must prepare a plan for the worst plan if in the future you leave the world first, but the children have not finished school. With this education insurance, we as parents will be much calmer because we already have a definite plan for dealing with risks in the future.

The benefit of this education insurance is that it will guarantee the child's education costs if the parents are no longer able to support them due to death or total disability.

Travel Insurance

For those of you who often travel out of town and even abroad. So it is important for you to buy a travel insurance product. The nature of this type of insurance is short term because it only applies when you are traveling.

What benefits does the insurance provide? We can get financial risk protection when we travel. if at any time there are unexpected events when you are abroad because you are traveling, then the insurance will bear it.

Usually this travel insurance is chosen for those who want to go abroad for a long time, but do not settle down.

Old Age Guarantee Insurance

An insurance product that is no less important is old age insurance, which will benefit you when you retire. Everyone certainly wants to enjoy old age in peace with their children and grandchildren.

No longer want to bother with financial problems because they have worked from young until they are old. If you have old age security insurance, you will receive benefits when it's time.

The insurer will provide money according to the premium that has been paid along with other additional benefits. Usually this old age security deposit is not paid immediately but gradually.

Some companies apply this old age security insurance to their employees by directly deducting the premium value from the salary given. Even if your company doesn't have an annuity security contribution, then you can look for an insurance company that has this product.

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