Electronic Media Advertising, Your Selling Strategy Is Key

In the last five years, electronic advertising has attracted more attention. Electronic media advertising is more efficient at targeting potential consumers and effectively increasing the desired sales turnover.

Where electronic media advertising is increasingly changing. then what are the characteristics and advantages of electronic advertising media with traditional ones? 

You will find the answer in this article.

What is Electronic Media Advertising

Electronic Media Advertising

What is electronic advertising? I'm sure actually all of them already understand the literal meaning.

Electronic advertising is someone's attempt to market their business products digitally. The purpose of this electronic advertisement is to help promote products to potential consumers which is done digitally and online.

Electronic advertising in the current era is the most appropriate promotion method. Many features, applications that help in promoting products to consumers at a lower cost, but the results reach a wider range and are right on target.

Characteristics of Electronic Media Advertising

Generation Z may be more familiar and often see electronic media advertisements compared to conventional advertisements, where 20 years ago there were still many advertisements in newspapers or on billboards. So, here are the characteristics of electronic media advertising.

1. Written Briefly

The most prominent feature of electronic media advertising is that it is written concisely, concisely, and clearly.

While advertisements are packaged in audio-visual form, they also pay attention to the issue of duration. The longer the duration, the more boring. Conversely, the shorter the duration of an audio-visual ad, the more interesting it is.

2. Selectively Choose Words

Maybe someone wants to work in advertising? You have to be able to make the right ad. When creating an ad, make sure to be selective in choosing the right diction (choice of words).

It looks easy, but when practiced, this is not an easy way. It takes art and creativity. In fact, when conveying a language, it is also necessary to pay attention to its strength.

Good language in the world of advertising is language that is able to persuade or influence consumers to voluntarily buy our products. In terms of content, advertising materials must be informative and educational.

3. Is Persuasive

Electronic media advertisements contain persuasive messages such as invitations. Of course, solicitation that directs to buy the product offered.

When consumers are successful in buying because of the advertisement, it is a sign that you have succeeded in becoming an attractive advertisement maker.

Well, so that the ad has high persuasion. Then it is necessary to pay attention to the writing of advertisements. You need to give important emphasis.

You can also highlight information that has power. Or put pressure on sentences or words that are "immediately" inviting potential customers to buy immediately. Because the product offered is temporary.

4. Paying attention to the type of advertisement

Because there are electronic media advertisements in the form of written words and audio-visual. Then pay attention to the type of ad chosen.

If using audio, pay attention to which parts will stand out. So, what will be highlighted can be supported with the right animation or the right scene. The goal is to make it easy to remember.

The Difference between Print Media Advertising and Electronic Media Advertising

When not familiar with electronic media, print media is the best means of promotion. However, since electronic media has become more familiar to the public, many have slowly begun to leave print media. The following are the differences between print media advertising and electronic media advertising.

1. Print Media Advertising

Print media advertisements are mass media that are disseminated to the public in printed form, and are published periodically.

Print media itself has several types such as newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and billboards. Although print media can also be a means of promotion, there are the most prominent differences in print media, as follows.

1. Advertisements are made in written form. So there is no audio-visual version.
2. Advertising writing is also formal. use polite, concise, concise and clear language.
3. Many are found in newspapers, magazines or tabloids, and advertisements can only be read, because there is no audio visual service.
4. Compared to electronic media, writing advertisements in print media is limited to a shorter time. Usually limited by columns and layout. There are also advertisements that have a larger space, and can be attached with images, of course, in terms of costs, they are also more expensive.
5. One of the advantages of advertising in print media is that it can be saved and can be read at any time.

2. Electronic Media Advertising

There are quite a lot of differences when placing advertisements in electronic media. Apart from being visually more pleasing, placing electronic advertisements is also more practical. The following are the differences between electronic print media and print media.

1. advertisement is verbal, so it is more interesting to be enjoyed.
2. The choice of language for electronic media can be more flexible, according to needs and desires. can use formal or non-formal language.
3. The choice of language or words is kept concise, concise and clear. Avoid making writing material that is too flowery.
4. Because electronics can be made audio-visually, you can not only read advertisements, but also hear and see them.
5. Packaged in the form of animation. Not only in the form of animation, but also in the form of videos that are more attractive and more fun
6. The weakness is that electronic media advertisements only appear when the advertisement is broadcast. in other words, it cannot be stored and cannot be enjoyed at any time.
7. Electronic advertisements can be found on television, radio, the internet on electronic billboards.

By knowing the difference between the two, every seller and businessman can determine which step should be chosen. To be even more sure, please read the advantages of the following print ads.

Advantages of Electronic Media Advertising

Print advertisements for the past twenty years have attracted a lot of attention from businesses, in an effort to market their goods or services.

However, since the digital world came into existence and has taken over the world, print media has slowly been abandoned and has turned to electronic media.

Many business actors have switched to advertising in electronic media not because print media is not popular. But because of changes in people's behavior in large part. Especially for millennials and generation Z who prefer electronic media.

Therefore, many business actors are shifting in the advertising promotion strategy there. The hope is that it can still target the millennial generation and generation Z. The reason they choose electronic media, because it offers several advantages as follows.

1. Wider Reach

One of the advantages of electronic media advertising is that it has a wider reach. Unlike print media. The reach of print media is limited to certain areas. 

Meanwhile, electronic media has a global and even international reach. In other words, wider reach. The wider the reach, the better the opportunities that will be obtained for product sales.

2. Rapid Information Dissemination

The second advantage of electronic media advertising is that it has the ability to disseminate information quickly.

The publication process is also faster, compared to the process of placing an advertisement in print. Especially for those who pursue timeliness, digital advertising is the best solution.

3. Shaped 3 Dimensions

It is undeniable that people's taste for advertising is also progressing. Especially for today's children, who are more interested in audio-visual than in written form.

Therefore, do not be surprised if advertisements packaged in 3D are more entertaining and the message to be conveyed arrives quickly.

4. Everyone Can Enjoy

One of the advantages of placing electronic media advertisements is that advertisements can be enjoyed by all groups. 

In fact, even children who cannot read can still enjoy audio-visual (video) advertisements. Thus, not only targeting a certain time span, but all aspects of age can be reached.

5. Cheaper Costs

In the past, you had to have money to place promotional ads. Because advertising costs money. But in the digital era like now, the problem of costs can be managed. In fact, for MSMEs, only promotional capital through their own social media can.

Free, only internet quota capital. So that in the digital era it is more widely open, and now there is also a marketplace for selling and promoting goods/services for free.

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