First Hand Supplier? Understand This For Resellers

 One way to get additional income or income is to sell. Both selling online and offline, you can do it in various ways.

There are various ways to sell, starting from making your own products or looking for trusted suppliers, especially if you get first-hand suppliers.

To get a trusted supplier, of course you have to make sure the supplier is trusted and responsible. And if you want to get a lower price, you can look for first-hand suppliers. Currently, many suppliers are scattered due to increased needs.

However, what is a first-hand supplier and how do you find a first-hand supplier so that the benefits of getting a first-hand supplier are?

First Hand Supplier

Below, we will explain in detail about various things related to first-hand suppliers.

What is a First Hand Supplier?

The development of business, especially online is currently very rapid. It's no wonder that online business competition makes online traders or business owners trying to sell quality products and competitive prices or even cheaper. This is certainly very profitable for online business owners.

But, what is a first-hand supplier? Supplier itself means a company or person who sells raw materials or raw materials.

The materials produced will then be processed by other companies into products that are ready for sale. Although not all suppliers sell products in raw form, most of them sell only raw materials or raw materials.

Meanwhile, the notion of a first-hand supplier is a producer who first produces goods or products in large quantities.

These first-hand suppliers will provide their products to dropshippers or resellers who are then resold to consumers.

These first-hand suppliers will be more sought after by online businesses. This is because usually the first hand supplier will offer a much cheaper price compared to the umpteenth hand supplier. This is because the prices set by suppliers are a combination of production costs and profit margins.

In this way, first-hand suppliers get the desired profit without various other additional variables, so that the prices offered by first-hand suppliers will be cheaper.

With these low prices, of course, dropshippers and resellers will also get big profits. They will also find it easier to manage the profit they want, when they resell goods purchased from first-hand suppliers.

In contrast to distributors, suppliers are parties who sell raw materials, while distributors are usually parties who buy products directly from manufacturers.

How to Find First Hand Suppliers

In order to get a trusted first hand supplier and even have the cheapest price, of course there are tips or ways that you have to do. This is because first-hand suppliers must have the lowest prices compared to other suppliers. So this can be a challenge for online business owners.

Apart from being trustworthy and also having low prices, quality first-hand suppliers must also be able to answer various questions from consumers and questions from many people regarding the needs of the products to be sold. Therefore, here's how to find the right first-hand supplier.

1. Search the Wholesale Market

If you don't know who is a suitable supplier, the first thing you can do is look for these first-hand suppliers in the wholesale market. 

Usually the wholesale market is one of the containers or gathering places for first-hand suppliers in offering their products.

Even though you may find that there are some sellers who are not suppliers, usually they still sell goods at low or even competitive prices. They even dare to offer various purchase packages that benefit both parties.

2. Surfing the Website

If you want to try another method, you can look for first-hand suppliers on the website. You can search with relevant keywords, so you can find the store you are looking for. If you have found it, you can also find first-hand suppliers or even manufacturers directly.

Not only can you find first-hand suppliers, you can also see various products and also the prices offered by checking the website, which are usually listed in full. Unfortunately, the prices they offer are usually less competitive.

3. Search the Marketplace

The next way is to look for online stores or find first-hand suppliers on the marketplace. In the marketplace, there are lots of suppliers, but it is possible that it is not necessarily the first-hand supplier that we find. However, the price offered usually tends to be cheaper and more competitive.

Unfortunately, finding first-hand suppliers on this marketplace is quite time consuming, especially if you are not used to using the application or marketplace.

You also have to check the sellers one by one, starting from the price, the items being sold, what are the offers, and so on.

You also have to be observant in reading product descriptions and comparing products one by one so you don't experience losses because you can find the cheapest price. 

Even though it's a little more complicated, this is the surest way to find the cheapest prices through comparisons that can be done.

4. Visit the Factory

You can also go to the factory to find first-hand suppliers. At the factory, apart from being able to get first-hand suppliers, you can also see how the production process works and how the product is packaged directly. There you can more freely know the control of the product or item that you will choose.

5. Get involved in Forums or Communities

To find first-hand suppliers, you can also get involved in a forum or community. There you can exchange information to find various things about online business. 

Currently there are many online business forums that you can join and you don't need to be ashamed or afraid to start.

You can get a variety of information, ranging from price increases, information updates, and even looking for the right first-hand suppliers.

Advantages of Getting First Hand Suppliers

Why should a businessman look for first-hand suppliers? Not without reason, it turns out that there are benefits that you can get when you find or get first-hand suppliers. By taking goods from first-hand suppliers, you can have a greater chance of getting profits.

In fact, you can also have the opportunity or potential to sell your product to more resellers or dropships, so that your target is wider and bigger. Thus, the sales value is expected to be greater and can even exceed the maximum profit of the goods.

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