How to Attract Customers To Buy Our Products

 How to attract customers to buy our products is difficult and easy. Then we need a way to attract customers to buy our products.

Why is that? Because we need knowledge and strategy. This strategy is always carried out by super large companies to medium and small companies.

So for those of you who have a product or run a business, you also have a strategy or a way to attract customers to buy our products.

For large companies, they have a secret formula for their products to sell. Of course they get the secret formula through experience and flying hours.

Well, we can also create a formula for how to attract customers to buy our products. One of them is practicing the common way that is often done.

Attract Customers To Buy Our Products

How to Attract Customers To Buy Our Products

What are they? Take a quick peek at how to attract customers to buy our products below.

Quality Products

How to attract customers to buy our products is definitely paying attention to product quality. Who the heck is going to buy a crappy, broken product?

Definitely nothing. Consumers prefer the best, and quality products. Until there is a type of consumer who is willing to pay a higher price, as long as it is really of good quality.

Creating a quality product also requires knowledge. Especially knowledge about the best raw materials, having reliable raw material suppliers, and many ways. Even in the production process, it also needs to be ensured if it is done very carefully.

Especially in the current era, there are many modes of fraud. Many sell secondhand items but write original items.

Or selling quality products, but in fact these products are not of high quality. Well, cases of fraud like this are more often found in the form of buying and selling online.

So for those who sell products online, make sure that our products really match the description. Don't because consumers feel lied to, make the store quiet because consumers have given up on buying products again.

Offering The Right Consumers

The other strategy, namely by offering to consumers in the right way. How to attract customers to buy the product requires art in offering it. So we can't offer continuously that is forced.

Precisely offers made by coercion make consumers feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable and other negative impressions. on the other hand, offering in a more subtle and less subtle way actually attracts more consumers.

Of course this way is not always true. All depends on the situation and conditions that occur. Especially in this era of all-technology like now. 

Where offers are more demanded to be creative and innovative. We know that people's tastes in the current era have slightly different tastes.

Common examples that we often find. Today's consumers are more lazy to come to the store or come in person. So the way of offering to consumers online by providing free shipping or free delivery, is more interesting.

Common Language that is Easy to Understand

How to attract customers to buy our products must be offered in a unique and attractive way. So what is meant by unique and interesting is not only to offer or give something "wow". But offer by making offers that are easy to understand.

In cyberspace, we often see advertisements milling about on our homepage. Where many advertisements offer lots of promos, discounts, models, advantages and sophistication of a product with advertisements that are difficult to understand.

Why is it so hard to understand? Because it's too blunt and not directly to the solution or the essence of the offer. Therefore, it is very important when making offers to customers to pay attention to copywriting.

Because advertisements are intended for the general public, you must choose a common language. It's not actually using scientific language or foreign terms, which actually causes target consumers to fail to understand.
Product excellence

After knowing how to attract customers to buy our products, then pay attention to this point. We, as product owners or product marketing teams, must know product knowledge well. How can we offer attractive products, if we do not really know the advantages of our products.

Well, this advantage is what we will highlight to prospective customers. So the advantages of the product as the most important selling point in a marketing. For consumers, product excellence is a solution to the problems they feel.

The simple analogy is how consumers are interested in buying, if they do not provide benefits, solutions and advantages. One of the goals of the product was born because it is a solution to problems that occur in society.

Improved Business Achievements

The difference between past and present consumers lies in the ability to think and the public's criticality of products or companies. Consumers will not buy products that do not have good testimonials or have a good impact on consumers.

So as a product business actor, it is very important to show business achievements. one of them by highlighting what great achievements have been obtained.

For example, products have been sold in large quantities to international markets. For example, the product is always sold out in one production. Or it could also be that the product has received a health award, etc.

Good Testimony

How to attract customers to buy our other products by publishing testimonials from consumers. Even though this method feels cliche and common, it is very effective in attracting the attention of potential customers. Especially potential customers who are new to the products you are buying and selling.

Meanwhile for beginners, who don't have many customers and don't have voluntary testimonials from customers. Then you can ask them to help issue their testimonials on the products they bought.

If the results of the testimony are good, we can share them to give suggestions to consumers, so that they will also buy the products being sold. 

If the testimony is bad, we don't need to publish it. Enough to be used for evaluation and self-improvement materials. Think of negative testimonials as strength to make yourself even better.

Because we know, we are all in the process of reaching the best point. If we don't immediately start and try, we will not know how deep and what kind of market interest in the products we are buying and selling.

Well, this testimonial can be put on social media such as Instagram or website. In fact, if you are creative, you can really make a story. Lol, how? read the tips in the WA Status Example for Sales.
There are Testers

Or it can also be done by providing a tester. Sometimes consumers will be more confident in buying the product if they have experienced the results and benefits directly. 

So there is nothing wrong if we prepare a tester for them. Maybe some think it will harm us. Not really. Precisely get benefits, namely building a sense of consumer trust in our products and company.

It would be better not just to give a tester only. But there are also users who are ready to explain and serve questions from consumers. 

For consumers who are not familiar with our products, of course this is very helpful. We know that consumers will buy our products if they already know and know them well.

Promotions and Giving Discounts

There are many forms of promotion that we can observe, imitate and modify for our business products. providing promotions is a way of attracting customers to buy our products that has been done for a long time and is still effective today.

Although classic and common, many consumers take advantage of promotions to give away products. Initially, consumers only bought products that offered promotions. Well, this is where our efforts to introduce products to them begin.

If consumers feel comfortable and fit, then they will come back another time. If it has happened like this, it means that we have succeeded in introducing our business ventures and getting new customers.

Apart from doing promotions, how to attract customers to buy our products is by giving discounts. Who doesn't like discounts? Everyone will be excited when they see a discount, especially if the product meets the needs and preferences of consumers. Especially if the discount given is quite large.


How to attract customers to buy our other products can be done with collaboration. This collaboration is also one of the most effective ways to expand our product reach to a market niche or a wider market share.

The wider the reach, the more chances our products will be known and get closing from various regions. Oh yes, if we decide to use collaborative methods and spread market share, we need to ensure product stock.

Don't let product stocks run low, but have the courage to take the risk of widening the target market. Especially if the product that can be produced requires labor and takes a long time.

Unless the product is quickly produced, direct practice will remain safe in the event of an explosion in demand.
Active and Responsive on Social Media

Living in the midst of super-sophisticated technological advances, of course, gives us advantages in running a business. In the past, to market products, you had to advertise in newspapers, television or put up billboards, which required spending a lot of money. So, in the era of digitalization like now it is no longer the era.

We can market our products more effectively, efficiently and with less swelling due to advertising. We can place ads for free, and get the same profitable conversions for businesses.

So if anyone hasn't taken advantage of social media, from now on, you can use social media as a means of attracting customer attention. So, there is knowledge that you need to learn if you do marketing on social media.

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