How to Become a Lecturer Assistant

One of the hopes of students is to become a teaching assistant. Because, many things are obtained and can have many opportunities after graduating from college.

Whether it's to continue college or to find the next job. So, instead of being curious, let's pay attention to how to become the newest teaching assistant.

In contrast to student organizations that accept many members, the number that is usually accepted to become teaching assistants is very small. Depending on the needs of the institution concerned.

Even so, still the number accepted is never as big as the number of students accepted in student organizations.

How to Become a Lecturer Assistant


So, the competition for lecturer assistant applicants is arguably bigger than the average for other student organizations.

Benefits of Being a Lecturer Assistant

There are a number of things you need to know why many students are interested in becoming teaching assistants:

1. Networking

During college, networking is one of the important things to do. Apart from building networks with fellow students, building networks with lecturers or academics is the reason students are interested in becoming teaching assistants.

Building networks in the academic sphere will be very influential in the long term, especially if you really intend to continue your career in the same field.

For example, if you want to become a lecturer, having experience as a teaching assistant will really help your career path later. Experience as a teaching assistant can increase the skills and knowledge needed when later becoming a lecturer.

During this process, you will get direct learning from the lecturer about how best to become a lecturer.

Another example is when a student needs a letter of recommendation from a lecturer for further educational scholarship requirements or applying for a job. 

If you build a good network with lecturers, the process will be easier because the lecturer already trusts you. Because a letter of recommendation from a lecturer must also include the name of the institution, so the lecturer also needs confidence whether you are someone who can really be trusted or not.

For students, building a network by becoming a teaching assistant can also be useful in helping the study process because they have the opportunity to be able to learn more deeply than other students.

For example, if there are difficulties with the material being studied, you can ask the lecturer or other teaching assistant who you feel can help answer. They are the most capable to answer academic questions. If you already have a good relationship, asking for help can be easier.

Not only building networks with lecturers, but you can also familiarize yourself with study program officers, officers at institutions, even with professional groups outside the scope of the institution.

2. Practicing Theory in Class

Becoming a teaching assistant means having to understand the knowledge learned during lectures. Your understanding of the knowledge you are studying can be a determining factor in whether you are accepted as a teaching assistant or not.

Remembering that the lecturer can give you the authority to replace him teaching in class when the lecturer is absent. Of course, a process is needed in order to understand it properly. Use your tenure as a teaching assistant to better understand lectures.

Not only understanding, sometimes teaching assistants are also given the task of teaching in front of the class like lecturers. On this occasion it can be used to convey back what has been understood, really like a lecturer.

Through this opportunity, not only academic understanding has been trained. But also the ability to explain something especially when speaking in public.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to contribute to a scientific writing project that is being worked on by the lecturer. There are lots of advantages to be gained from being involved in scientific writing or lecturer research.

In addition to applying the theory that has been studied, it can be a good experience because the process of doing it certainly involves time management skills.

This is because the lecturer's research agenda can collide with the lecture schedule, so that it requires you to be better at managing your time.

Your name will also be listed in the contributors to the research results. If that's the case, there must be a sense of pride.

No wonder. The results of this research will at least be read by other academics, and may even bring up further research inspired by previous writings. Another advantage, you can add the research results to your Curriculum Vitae (CV).

3. As Additional Student Income

It is undeniable that the idea of getting additional pocket money is very attractive. The amount is not too big, but enough to make students who work as teaching assistants happy.

Regarding networking points, if you are lucky, you can get offers from lecturers to help with their academic projects. From there, you can increase additional pocket money from teaching assistants.

Lecturer Assistant Duties

What are the duties of a teaching assistant? To answer your curiosity, please read the following article: Duties and Salary of a Lecturer Assistant

That's how to become a teaching assistant. Always actively find out when and how to recruit teaching assistants so you don't miss it.

This information is usually disseminated by executive bodies, student associations, or from lecturers.

Lecturer Assistant Frequently Asked Questions

What is a teaching assistant?

Lecturer assistants (Asdos) are students who become assistant lecturers whose job is sometimes to assist lecturers in teaching and help students understand the material taught by lecturers.
What to do when you become a teaching assistant?

If you want to be a good teaching assistant, you should help the lecturer as assigned and make sure the students the lecturer teaches understand what is being taught.

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