How to Build Personal Branding

Before discussing further about personal branding, at least you should be able to answer the following essential questions for yourself:

You have to determine "What is your goal to be known by people"

1. Purpose of Personal Branding


Build Personal Branding

Personal branding goals should be long term, specific and ambitious, such as:

  •      Become a speaker from one economic disruption event to another
  •      Become a figure that becomes a reference or top of mind in fields related to the profession.
  •      Known as a key opinion leader
  •      Known as a political figure who is smart and kind.
  •      and so forth.

When you build your personal brand, you need to be able to see how the people you like present themselves online. This includes learning how he conveys his ideas through his writings, videos, and photos.

2. Personal Branding Research

Next, you must be able to answer the question "how do you want to be known by others?"

Do you want to be known as an easy person and a smart one? Smart and humorous? Stylish and humorous? Self Image is how you want others to see you.

So you should be able to do research on this. Understand unique selling points or things that can differentiate you from other public figures.

The most important thing is that you have to find or get something that you are good at or that you can but other people don't or haven't. It can be a "superpower" for you.

3. Your Personal Brand

If you have determined your personal branding goals and have done research as in points 1 and 2 above. The next step you can step into the stage of determining the personal brand.

Whatever you do writing, photography, social activities and others, there are always hundreds if not thousands of the same people out there doing the same things as you do.
How can you beat the competition with others?

Yes, you can be a different person from hundreds or thousands of other people who do the same thing with you with a personal brand.

A personal brand is a uniqueness that you have had for a long time or that you are just trying to find/create.

Find your uniqueness by answering How and/or Why do you do what you do, position yourself among your friends or audience.

4. Authentic and Valuable Content

Remember, finding your unique self is not enough. You also have to go one step further by "marketing" the personal brand that you defined in the previous step.

How to? Yes, namely by creating content.

Communicate and market all the values of your personal brand through quality content.

Writing, videos, presentations, photos, and other types of content will successfully market your Self Image only when the content is authentic and of value to your audience.

Content marketing is something that no brand can negotiate anymore. One of the channels that you can use is a blog or writing a book.

Blogs are great for building self-image through content. Apart from that, you also have to have a strategy in creating content including creating variations of content through videos, writing, ebooks, photos, infographics, presentations, and many more.

Be authentic you because the audience doesn't expect you to maintain a perfect image in the digital world.

5. Be consistent

Consistency is the keyword in building a personal brand. If you are always consistent, then you have proven that you never give up and it is certain that sooner or later you will reap the fruits.

6. Focus On Niche

It's true if you think that, "we can't build a brand without an audience."

There's nothing wrong with that statement. What's wrong is trying really hard to get everyone attracted to your personal brand.

This should not be an orientation when building a personal brand.

Focus on your chosen niche that has been discussed above, and try to only attract those who have the same thoughts in every content that you offer.

Build a community on social media whose platform matches the personal brand you want to build. Facebook pages and LinkedIn, for example, are great for building professional networks.

7. Investment For Personal Branding

If you already have a good concept of personal branding, this is a good strategic aspect.

Investing in personal branding doesn't always have to be expensive. Social media platforms and websites are ways to help develop one's self-image.


In conclusion, building personal branding cannot be instantaneous, it takes a consistent process if you want people to see you as someone you expect. But nothing is difficult if you want to try and apply the tips above.

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