Kinds and Types of Promotions

This promotional activity can be carried out in various ways and also variations and even combining several forms of promotion, for example advertising, discounts, and so on.

Promotion Function

The purpose or function of carrying out this promotional activity is certainly clear. However, there are several functions or benefits of doing promotions. Here are the functions of promotional activities.

Types of Promotions


1. Promotion is carried out to provide information about a product widely to potential buyers or potential customers.

2. Promotion is done to obtain or be able to reach new consumers to become regular customers of the products you offer.

3. In addition to finding new customers, promotions are also carried out to attract old customers by maintaining the level of loyalty of these consumers or regular buyers.

4. This promotional activity is carried out to increase sales and also increase the profits of a company.

Promotion is carried out to increase various advantages and also to differentiate a product from products owned by other competitors. Promotion is carried out to build branding and product image for a brand in the eyes of consumers and potential customers.

Finally, promotion is carried out to influence assumptions and also consumer behavior towards a product. 

Type of Business or Product Promotion

After understanding various things about promotions, especially understanding the meaning of promotions and also the function of carrying out promotions, you should also know that there are various ways or various kinds of promotions that can be done. As we know, promotion can be done with various media.

And in general, promotions are divided into several types that can be chosen, according to the way you want and according to the market.

In general, there are 6 kinds of promotion, the first is traditional marketing, digital marketing, direct marketing, endorsement, personal selling, and publicity.

1. Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is a type of promotion that has been around for a long time but still exists and is still being used by many people today.

The way to promote this type of traditional marketing is to use print media, such as newspapers, brochures, billboards, and so on.

Traditional marketing can also be done through electronic media, for example via television or radio. Promotion in this way is to reach the market in a wide area.

Unfortunately, this way of promotion is not cheap. You have to pay relatively expensive fees to display promotions or advertisements for your business.

2.Digital Marketing

The second type of promotion is digital marketing. As we are aware, we are currently entering the digital era, where almost everyone uses social media and other digital sophistication in their daily lives. Therefore, currently there is widespread business promotion through digital marketing.

The promotion strategy that can be done through digital marketing is to take advantage of social media which is currently widely used. For example YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and so on for promotional events to introduce products in the digital world.

This form of promotion of goods and services through digital marketing is able to reach a more specific market.

Even so, the market reach remains broad and the costs incurred are relatively more affordable when compared to marketing strategies through traditional marketing which place advertisements on TV or billboards at fantastic prices.

3. Direct Marketing

Direct marketing or direct promotion is no less promising. The advantage is that you can promote your business using a sales representative who can speak directly to potential customers. 

This activity is considered more effective because of the direct interaction between buyers and sales.

So this way will be more convincing because of two-way communication. However, additional manpower is required to carry out this type of promotion.

4. Endorsements

This type of endorsement promotion is almost similar to digital marketing, in which endorsements also use social media to promote business.

The difference is, this endorsement utilizes artists or influencers who are active on social media to promote the products or services that you have.

That is, you have to pay an influencer to promote the business that you have. This method is quite promising for the public because the public will have more trust because their idol or an influencer is able to influence it with the artist's review.

5. Personal selling

The next type of promotion is personal selling. Almost the same as direct marketing which meets and also provides information directly to prospective buyers.

The difference is that personal selling is carried out directly by the owner of the goods or services or carried out by the entrepreneur himself.

This type of personal selling is carried out by every business person in order to maintain and also develop their own business by benefiting from consumers directly, because it cannot be denied, consumers are definitely more interested if offered directly by those who own the business.

What is personal selling anyway? You can read this review specifically on Personal Selling and How

6. Publicity

The last is the type of promotion, namely publicity. This type of promotion means approaching the community so that people are more familiar with the products and services offered.

You can carry out this strategy in various ways, for example holding press conferences, product publicity, guidance or demos to the public, and so on.

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