Personal Branding: Explanation and Benefits

Millennials may be familiar with the word personal branding. Personal branding has become a familiar activity after the rapid development of the digital world.

Through social media platforms, now people can build the image or image they want more easily. Make no mistake, personal branding with social media is very influential for our future career path.

Then what is personal branding?

Definition of Personal Branding

Benefits of Personal Branding


Personal branding is a process of forming, attracting and maintaining public perceptions related to aspects owned by a person such as skills, achievements, personality or values that are built intentionally or unintentionally with the aim of displaying a positive image so that it can continue to build trust and loyalty. can be used as a marketing tool.

The existence of personal branding makes other people see someone uniquely and differently.

With personal brading, we can explain the 3W's to someone

  •      About who we are (who are you)
  •      What have you done before (what have you done)
  •      What is the vision of the future (what will you do)

More specifically, here is the definition of personal branding from experts that we have summarized from various sources of books and literature.

  • McNally and Speak (2004:21) explain that a personal brand is a perception that is embedded and maintained in the minds of other people, which has the ultimate goal that the public has a positive view of it so that it can continue to trust and loyalty.
  • Haroen (2014), explains personal branding is the process of forming public perceptions of aspects that a person has, such as personality, abilities, or values and how these create positive perceptions from society that can be used as a marketing tool.
  • According to Montoya (2006), personal branding is an art in attracting and retaining more clients by actively forming public perceptions.
  • According to Wasesa (2011), personal branding is a process when people use themselves or their careers as a brand. Personal branding is the art of actively attracting and maintaining public perception which builds it from a person, name, sign, symbol or design that can be used as a differentiator from its competitors.
  • According to Parengkuan and Becky (2014), a personal brand is an impression related to skills, behavior and achievements built by someone either intentionally or unintentionally with the aim of displaying their self-image. Personal brand can be used as an identity that is used by other people to remember someone. 

Benefits of Personal Branding

There are several benefits of personal branding that we can get, including:

1. Increase credibility and self-confidence

The personal branding that you build can actually be implemented so that your credibility increases.

It's best if what you display on social media is in line with real life so that the brand you build personally doesn't look like it's made up or lies.

In addition, the purpose of personal branding is to show your superiority which is characteristic so that your self-confidence will also increase.

2. Help expand connections

The digital era makes it easy for us to build connections widely. Having a strong personal brand can help you expand and build connections with people in various fields.

It can also help you meet mentors who can certainly help you grow in the professional world.

3. Demonstrate and develop skills

Personal branding that is built over time helps you show and develop the skills you have. You also become more focused on being able to identify yourself strategically.

4. Higher value

If your personal branding shines, your sales value will also skyrocket. This means that you can earn a higher income because you become a professional.

5. Differentiate you from competitors

Only those in red would be chosen in a sea of black people. Personal branding is a differentiator between you and competitors who offer the same thing.

Why should the client choose you? What values do you have that make you superior to others?

The more different you are from competitors in a positive sense, the easier it will be for you to win the competition in the market.

Or if you offer services or expertise individually, you can raise prices according to the brand that has been built.

6. Increase Selling Power

If you are already famous and considered an expert, your sales value will automatically increase. You will be trusted by many people, invited by people, invited to cooperate, and other positive things.

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