Personal Selling Purpose and Benefits

There are many marketing techniques in a business, and one of them is the personal selling technique. Understand the application and examples of personal selling in marketing techniques along with goals and examples.

Marketing activities are the culmination of a long series of market analysis processes, production processes, and profit-making processes.

That said, by successfully developing a marketing strategy, a business or company can easily grow and develop. Business people who have poured some funds as capital can then quickly get a return on investment.

Even though it sounds easy, interestingly marketing activities do not necessarily sell all the products that have been made.

Personal Selling Purpose and Benefits


Because, in the field there are not a few products that fail in the market and make the producers go out of business.

This time, we will discuss one of the marketing techniques for certain products and certain conditions. This technique called personal selling helps optimize sales figures. Here's the full explanation.

Personal selling goals

In addition to branding purposes, personal selling is also known to be applied to other purposes. As:

1. Generating awareness about the availability of a product that is ready to be purchased and used by consumers.

2. Completing buying and selling transactions, so that after the product presentation process consumers can immediately place orders.

3. Seeking post-transaction enforcement.

4. Educate customers about product benefits and know the company positively.

5. Providing useful products as well as helping marketing.

6. Stimulate the interest of buyers.

7. Fostering preferences for certain products.

8. Negotiate prices and terms of sale and purchase with prospective customers.

The personal approach taken by the marketing department will make the product known in depth by consumers. In addition, negotiations can occur such as prices, which encourage consumers to buy in larger quantities.

So, you already know marketing but don't know what a market is? Try to understand first about the meaning of the market itself.

Aspects of Personal Selling

In carrying out personal selling techniques, there are several aspects that marketing staff need to know and master. There are five in total, namely:

1. Professionalism

The first aspect is professionalism and is a very important aspect in order to be successful in product marketing. This professionalism is a demand for every marketing personnel around the world.

Can be seen from the quality of service regardless of who offered the product. Then look professional with neat clothes and also pleasing to the eye.

Then, the product presentation was done well. Starting from oral presentations to presentations with the help of tools such as projectors.

If they are able to appear professional, the marketing staff can easily convince consumers to buy the product. Because they feel they are getting good and satisfying service.

2. Negotiation

The next important aspect is negotiation, namely the process of discussion and mutual bargaining on all matters related to the transaction.

For example, there is a price agreement, an agreement on the number of orders, when to deliver goods, and so on.

A marketing staff will usually need good negotiation skills. Namely being able to encourage consumers to buy products at the best prices without making the company lose money. 

So that consumers feel they have benefited greatly from the results of these negotiations.

3. Relationship Marketing

The third important aspect is relationship marketing, namely the process of establishing good long-term relationships with consumers and company partners.

This aspect is important to understand and master, because with the ability to establish good relationships and communication.

A marketing staff can gain the trust of consumers and company partners. This certainly benefits the company where he works.

4. Selling Person Roles

Next is the selling person role, which is the role of a salesperson or product seller. The roles that are held vary and are adjusted to the needs of the company or adapted to the character of the product.

Is it to promote new products, find out consumer problems, or something else?

5. Managerial

The next and last is the managerial aspect related to the regulation and management of marketing staff. So there are usually many personal selling executors in one company.

Each personal selling staff must be controlled by the marketing division. So that their performance can be monitored, evaluated, and determined to suit company goals.

Benefits of Personal Selling

Doing personal selling techniques provides many benefits for a company. These benefits include:

1. Help create communication with consumers, so that in addition to marketing the company's products can know the problems and needs of consumers. This can support product development to make it even more perfect.

2. Do direct product promotion, so that it is more credible because consumers meet directly with marketing staff and are free from feelings of anxiety about being tricked by fake sales.

3. Explaining the product in depth, because usually appointments for product presentations until a negotiation agreement can take 1 hour or more. So that companies can explain their products in detail to potential consumers.

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