Product Knowledge: Definition, Functions and Benefits

For producers or business owners, it is important to understand product knowledge.

This is because understanding the information about the product being sold will help encourage purchases and also transactions that can ultimately increase sales.

In fact, product knowledge is one part of the knowledge that must be mastered, be it regarding the type of product, details, and other understandings that make the seller or business owner really know the product being sold or offered.

So, what is product knowledge?

To find out clearly what product knowledge is, see the full explanation about product knowledge below.


Definition of Product Knowledge

Product knowledge is a situation which occurs when sales representatives really understand what products they are selling.

Usually, it is important to have an understanding of the product or product knowledge, especially if the sales representative wants to make sales and even talk to potential customers.

That way, when these potential customers ask about the details of the products you offer, you can really understand and be able to explain in detail so that potential buyers are interested in the products you sell or what you offer.

It's another case if a sales representative doesn't understand the product or doesn't have product knowledge, then he will find it difficult to communicate and even explain about the product he is offering to prospective buyers and as a result these prospective buyers are not interested in the product you are offering.

Therefore, product knowledge is also one of the right sales strategies, because then the seller or business owner has more ability and skills to understand how the product is offered and how to attract the hearts of potential customers.

In language, product knowledge is the whole knowledge or complete information relating to the characteristics or characteristics of the product being sold, starting from the price, the consequences of use, and so on.

So it's no wonder, before going into the field, salespeople are required to know product knowledge well.

That way, you don't need to worry if your potential buyers or potential customers ask unexpected questions, because you are able to understand and have good knowledge about the product which is guaranteed to give you a complete explanation and even satisfactory responses to potential customers.

Product Knowledge function

Then what is it for or what is the function of product knowledge? The following are some of the functions of good product knowledge.

1. Increasing Business Opportunities

With good product knowledge, a salesperson can increase business opportunities and even create new business opportunities. This is very useful to attract customers even better.

2. Increase Sales

It is undeniable, when the seller or salesperson is able to have good knowledge of the products offered, sales will also increase significantly.

This of course must be accompanied by good and qualified delivery methods, supported by good product knowledge so that prospective buyers feel convinced.

3. Increase Customer Trust

When a sales representative or seller has good product knowledge, it is not surprising that there is an increase in the number of customers who trust and want to try to buy it.

Therefore, business people or salespeople must be able to convey the product properly and also convince and help the trust of prospective buyers.

4. Improving Purchasing Decisions

When buyers have confidence and are confident about the products offered by salespeople who have good product knowledge, they will be able to improve purchasing decisions.

Buyers who believe and trust will automatically be interested and also have the desire to buy the products you offer.

Thus, product knowledge is not only limited to knowledge and formality because its function is really good for sales and is also able to increase revenue significantly.

Important Benefits of Understanding Product Knowledge

After understanding the meaning of product knowledge, you must also understand the benefits of having this product knowledge.

Below are some of the benefits of product knowledge.

1. Increase Confidence

By understanding product knowledge well, automatically a seller or sales person has the ability to increase his confidence. Finally, this confidence can also increase overall sales and have a good impact on the company or sales.

In this case, the confidence in question applies to salespeople and even potential customers or prospective buyers.

This is because sellers or sales have the ability above other traders or sellers, so you can make your potential customers have the confidence to buy because of your good explanation.

With a good understanding of product knowledge, it's no wonder that salespeople or sellers are usually able to sell and also offer their products well and can even achieve sales as desired.

2. Have Stronger Communication Skills

Besides being able to help increase self-confidence, understanding product knowledge can also help improve stronger and better communication skills.

It should be noted in advance, communication skills are basically a must have for sales representatives to be able to grab the attention of prospective buyers.

This is to cover various deficiencies in terms of offering products as done by sales representatives.

For example, a salesperson does not or does not really understand a product well, so with good communication skills, you can still convey and attract the attention of potential buyers.

So, when you have good product knowledge, you will automatically be stronger and smoother in offering the products or goods that you offer and the positive impact will be on the number of sales as targeted by the sales representatives.

3. Able to Convince Customers

Then, when you understand product knowledge well, you also have the ability to be able to better convince your customers, so you can hook or get new potential customers as well and ultimately your sales will increase.

With the ability to understand products well, you are considered capable of convincing customers or potential customers to buy or use the products you offer. 

So this product knowledge is important as a handle and also your knowledge during the sales process.

For example, if you are selling with many competitors, it will be better if you are able to understand better and more about product knowledge.

This is because it cannot be denied, prospective buyers will usually do research and ask questions about the product.

So if you have good product knowledge skills, then you can convince customers, so you know what makes your product superior compared to products sold by competitors.

4. Have priceless assets

For a sales representative, understanding product knowledge is the same as having an invaluable asset. This applies to companies or places of business as well as customers who buy or are interested in your product.

When you know very well how product knowledge is, then you can also convince potential buyers to buy products and this becomes a valuable asset for business owners. That is, at the end of the pitch you can hook even more potential customers.

You can also offer other products that you sell at the end of the pitch, because who knows with the skills you have, you will be able to increase sales and no longer need to repeat what needs to be said and also explained about the product.

5. Creating a Better Brand Image

Finally, the benefit of product knowledge is the creation of a better brand image. To help the image that has the best working hours and also valid on time. 

That is, to form a brand image, a company or business owner takes a long time and sometimes quite a long time.

By understanding and knowing the products offered or sold by yourself, you will automatically find out and know how products are sold by competitors. So that way, you can do other developments in your product or business, so you can achieve the best value.

Finally, your sales also increase when your brand image is well developed.

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