Sales promotion function in business

Sales promotion is a technique that attracts a lot of attention and interest. In running a business need the right promotion

While an attractive and attractive promotion requires a strategy. A good strategy, will lead us to the goal of sales promotion.

So, what's the goal? You can find the answer in this article. But before that, we take a peek at the meaning of sales promotion.

Definition of Sales Promotion

Sales promotion function in business

Sales promotion is a business that offers products or services to potential customers. From this promotion is expected to provide an attraction to buy the products offered.

Sales promotion can also be a way for someone to disseminate product information to potential consumers.

One of them is by being loyal in order to get consumers. Sales promotion is also a seller's effort to increase sales turnover more than before.

It doesn't stop there. Sales promotion can also be an effort to convey the superiority of a product with other products. Indirectly, sales promotion is also a form of building a product image according to what we want.

Sales Promotion Purposes

Each activity must have its own purpose. It is undeniable that sales promotion is decisive. A business that is successful and successful, cannot be separated from promotions that are right on target. Here are the goals of sales promotion.

1. New Product Information

The purpose of sales promotion is none other than to provide new product information. The importance of providing information about our products is the same as we are approaching potential customers.

As the saying goes "you don't know what you don't know". Likewise in running a business selling business.

We must provide information about our products to the general public so that they know the uses of our products, the benefits of our products and why they choose our products over other products.

So, let's introduce ourselves. One way is by making advertisements or promotions. Ads can be published on advertising services, or you can also rely on technology that is super active and effective.

2. Persuading Customers To Buy

When making a sales promotion, we don't just provide information about our products. But there is also an element of marketing in it.

For example, there is an interesting invitation so that customers eventually fall in love and immediately want to buy it.

Of course, in order to persuade customers to buy, special skills and knowledge are needed. For example, knowing marketing science, and knowing very well the market niche you want to target.

Is it for the general public, young people, children or what. Because wrongly determine the customer will also affect the results.

3. Changing People's Habits

Sales promotion is the art of persuading others. It can even change people's habits. When people's habits can be changed, it will automatically change behavior.

For example, from the beginning those who did not want to buy products/goods became interested in wanting to buy these products.

The question is, how to change other people's habits?

Of course there are many ways that can be done. One of them is observing behavior. When you already know consumer behavior, then be educated with relevant information.

As an example. You sell supplements or herbal medicines. So, how to change people's habits by providing education on how important health is for the body. For those who are not already sick, it would be better to prevent than cure. 

One way to prevent disease is to take vitamin supplements. So that consumers who initially do not live healthy, change their habits to live healthier.

4. Increase Sales

If the business is running already get a lot of orders. There's nothing wrong with increasing sales. The higher the sales, the greater the sales of products absorbed. So you will get more income.

For those of you who are still on a startup or MSME scale, you can still increase sales.

If you can't, the system will give them a salary every month. You can open a reseller or dropshiper. This method is also quite effective and quite a lot of glances too.

5. Raise the Brand

The fifth purpose of sales promotion is to raise the brand by reminding the product to potential customers. For example, the product is suitable for use according to consumer needs.

Products have a better side of advantages compared to other products and there are still many ways to raise your brand.

The principle is that the product is easier to remember and not easily forgotten. Maybe consumers have never bought it, but by being reminded of the product, at least they know our products exist and know the benefits and uses of our products.

6. Convey Product Usp

The purpose of sales promotion is by implementing USP or Unique Selling Point. It is undeniable that running a business is not just launching and just promoting it.

We also need product uniqueness. The uniqueness of this product is what distinguishes our products from other products.

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