The difference between selling and marketing

 The difference between selling and marketing actually has quite different differences. Unfortunately, many people think that selling and marketing are the same thing. 

Especially for those of you who may have a small business, you must know the difference between the two.

The goal is not to misinterpret it, because the two are two different things. Do not because it is considered wrong, it can affect decisions and affect steps. 

But before that, let's take a peek at what selling and marketing are.


The difference between selling and marketing

What is Selling?

Selling is a transaction made between one person and another using money as a medium of exchange. Selling can also be interpreted as an effort to persuade customers to be interested and confident in buying the products offered.

In another perspective, selling occurs because of the urge to fulfill the needs carried out by sellers and buyers. 

Talking about sales, there are many ways you can do it, one of which is personal selling, soft selling or hard selling.

Selling for buyers is an effort to meet needs by replacing them with a certain amount of money. Meanwhile for sellers, selling is a measure of whether a business is running smoothly or not.

If the business being run does not attract the attention of the buyer, then it can be used as an indication that the business being run is experiencing an error, or due to wrong marketing. 

For the seller, selling is said to be successful if the results of the sale generate a profit.

Selling Activities

Selling activity is negotiating sales in order to get an agreement from the customer or customer. To be able to reach a purchase agreement, a seller must have sales skills, for example having the skills to influence potential customers. 

When the seller has the art of influencing potential customers, it will also affect sales turnover.

So selling activities are more focused on the results obtained. For example, focus on the number of products that have been successfully sold, and focus on targets. 

The nature of selling is more aggressive, because it is chasing targets. Included in analyzing opportunities for selling right on target.

What is Marketing

While what is meant by marketing is marketing. Where marketing is the seller's process of determining prices, determining distribution and determining product promotions that are appropriate and on target.

Marketing can also be interpreted as opening activities, and as an effort to get consumers. Not only that, marketing places more emphasis on sellers' efforts to increase product demand.

The term marketing actually includes online marketing and offline marketing, which includes a lot of marketing strategies that we cannot review enough in this article. For example, online marketing has the terms seo, sem, social media and many more.

Marketing can also be interpreted as an effort to provide product value offered at a fixed high price amidst business competition. In other words, marketing is an effort to build a good image of the products we market.

Marketing Activities

So what are the activities carried out by marketing? Of course there are lots of them. Among them is offering goods/services to potential customers.

This can be done by educating and providing information about the products offered, so that consumers are interested and more confident about the product they want to buy.

Providing consumers with information about our products is the key to gaining enthusiasm and increasing demand for the products we offer.

Apart from providing information and education about products, marketing can also be done by giving gifts to potential customers.

This activity is an attempt to get the attention of potential consumers to glance at and get to know our products. 

As the saying goes, don't know then don't love. Now, by giving gifts to consumers, they can introduce products and experience products to the wider community.

The difference between selling and marketing

After knowing what selling and marketing are, maybe some of you are curious, what's the difference between the two? It turns out that the difference between the two can be seen based on goals, activities, processes, targets, time and so on. Immediately, see the following reviews.

1. Process

When viewed from the process, marketing and selling lies in what is being discussed. Marketing focuses on products. For example, product segmentation to be sold and product prices. 

While selling from the process is seen from the goals for all processes before making a different target market.

Selling has more emphasis on the ability to plan sales, focus on team structure, sales targets and markets for analysis.

2. Targets

Meanwhile, in terms of targets, marketing focuses on promoting products with various strategies. A good strategy is one that successfully attracts consumers. This target also aims to expand the reach of the business so that it can be known by all groups.

From a target perspective, marketing is responsible for setting product prices, educating customers and markets, making plans from customer data and persuading potential customers.

Meanwhile, in the selling team, their main target is to direct potential customers to buy the product. Unlike the marketing team that takes into account the long term.

So in the selling team the goal is short term, the most important thing is that the product is sold according to the desired target.

3. Strategy

The marketing strategy depends on how it is marketed, whether the strategy can attract attention or vice versa.

There are marketing marketing strategies that are carried out with seo marketing, blog marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing and many more ways that can be done.

While the selling team depends on the type of product, market, type of industry and methods used in selling.

There are several ways that the selling team does, namely snap selling, spin selling and n.e.a.t selling and many more. Some of the selling strategies above aim to increase sales.

4. Purpose

Meanwhile, when viewed from the goal, marketing is to increase market share. In recent years, more marketing has played online marketing than offline marketing.

The reason is simple, because digital media is more active. While selling aims to achieve the desired nominal sales figure.

5. Activity

In terms of activity, marketing is an effort to introduce products to the public so that they are also aware of the products being introduced. While selling emphasizes the sales figures that were successfully purchased.

6. Time

As previously mentioned, from a time perspective, marketing is more concerned with long-term impacts.

They focus more on education, introducing products and increasing market share so that people know the product first and hopefully will be interested later.

While selling is thinking about the short term, the most important thing is that the product is sold and makes a profit.

7. Resources

Marketing resources prefer social media and crm for their work system. Because online marketing attracts more digital users. While selling is more focused on the sales strategy.

That is the difference between selling and marketing, which are two different things. Although at first glance, the two are similar, they are not the same.

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