The Importance of Digital Business Transformation

In the modern era, with the rapid development of technology and information, it would be quite a shame if digital business development did not receive special attention from you as a business actor.

As you understand, the development of digital business is currently moving in a better direction. For this reason, you need to prepare for digitalization of your business from now on to become succesfull in business.

In starting to prepare a digital business, you need to understand its meaning first. Digital business is not just creating digital channels for your current business.

Digital business requires an integrated system in business operations to be integrated automatically for each division or part in it automatically.

Digital Business Transformation


By implementing the right digital business system, not only can you improve and maintain the company's financial condition, but you can also get benefits such as savings in operational costs.

The importance of digital business

Digital business can be regarded as a business transformation in a more efficient direction. For this reason, many business activists, both large and small, attach importance to the presence of business digitalization in the business that is being carried out.

With digital transformation, your business is assessed as an entity that is in line with the times. The reason is, this digital business transformation will also align with the changes that are currently happening in the realm of society which also affect consumer behavior.

The obvious change in consumer behavior is the increasing number of e-commerce and marketplaces that are present all the time. As part of a digital business, the system accommodates changes in consumer behavior who want to be able to meet their needs without eliminating aspects of convenience, such as having to go to a certain store to buy something that may not be guaranteed to be available.

Digital business can accommodate these needs. In addition, digital business also offers time flexibility to customers and you as an entrepreneur. Thus, both parties can freely communicate with each other and conduct transactions digitally. Of course, this freedom must be based on responsibility in order to maintain consumer trust.

Applying a digital system to your business is also considered to save time and costs. This can be seen from the reduced storage and sending of documents manually which has been replaced by a cloud system. One of the supporters of this digital business facilitates the process of taking and sending data and documents.

Especially if your business has branches or company units spread across various regions. As someone who manages the business, of course this also makes it easier for you to see the performance of business units without having to spend time and costs which are considered less effective.

Digital business elements

In implementing digital business, you also need to understand what elements are present. You don't have to apply these elements at the same time. Gradually, you can complete digital business elements according to the needs and developments of the technology and information offered today.

1. Develop HR potential

Before starting to implement digital elements in your business, you need to develop the potential of human resources in it. Many digital business elements are present in the form of infrastructure. 

Therefore, integrated human resources with good skills and experience need to be present to be able to maximize the functions of the existing digital business infrastructure. 

HR potential development can come in the form of training or recruitment of experts in their fields who can help you grow your business faster.

2. Set up digital business infrastructure

Furthermore, preparing a business digitization infrastructure is quite important for you to do. The infrastructure for digitizing this business is quite diverse, one of which is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

ERP is a digital business software that is useful for managing planning and operational optimization of all aspects or lines in a systematic manner. 

The presence of one of these digital elements can help you analyze the essential data needed in the process of designing a business strategy. In addition, this digital business element also plays a role in making it easy for you as an entrepreneur to monitor and control ongoing business processes.

3. Start developing a business model

After starting to implement business digitalization infrastructure according to business needs, you can also continue to develop business models that suit community needs.

The business model that is developed does not have to be all that reaches to the core. You can start with the business model developed with the marketing department which maximizes information technology developments by designing digital marketing strategies that are appropriate and aligned with your business identity.

4. Use a digital payment system

Transactions are one of the important elements in business. Transactions are needed so that operational processes and also business production can run smoothly according to plan. 

Likewise in the process of digitizing business. In order to adapt to digital implementation, you also need to use a digital payment system. Digital payment systems generally come in a non-cash format. 

You can maximize the development of digital payment systems, such as virtual accounts as well as other supporting applications and software with the cooperation of the selected bank.

5. Digital business strategy

In running a digital business, you also need to implement the right strategy. This is based on your need to compete to maintain your existence and also the trust of customers who have already developed.
Technology optimization

Technological developments to help businesses are quite diverse and you need to optimize their functions. First, you can use social media for educational purposes to promos that are currently happening in your business.

Second, make websites and even mobile applications as another channel that can accommodate the needs of customers and other parties who need information related to your business.

6. Digital marketing

You can also align technology implementation in business with a digital marketing strategy. A digital marketing strategy in digitizing business can ensure that every activation and business development that is being carried out can be according to plan and also on target.

Bringing business transformation to digital is not an easy matter. However, by implementing this transformation, you can also gain advantages or advantages in supporting business acceleration in a better direction.

Digital business transformation is considered to be able to bring financial and reputational benefits thanks to information that is easily accessible to anyone and at any time.


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