The Importance of Protection and Law Enforcement

 4 The importance of protecting and enforcing the law for the community is important. Especially for lower class people who can't afford to pay for a lawyer or something like that.

Because almost the majority of cases are cases prosecuted by individuals with money or organizations/institutions with money.

Meanwhile, what was reported was that small people who hired attorneys were not strong enough. Not all reported cases are honest and fair to those reported.

There are times when the reporting is for personal gain which sacrifices weak people. One of them was the case of a grandmother who collected firewood, which was brought to court and became an uproar.

The Importance of Protection and Law Enforcement

The importance of protecting and enforcing the law for discriminated persons is also important. The law must be fair given to the weak without money. Not only for those who dare to pay and such.

As a rule of law country, of course the importance of law enforcement and protection must be upheld by anyone.

Especially for citizens who get law irregularities, discomfort and injustice. So, the importance of protecting and enforcing the law can be realized in the following points.

4 Important Points for Protection and Law Enforcement

The importance of protecting and enforcing the law is to create a just, peaceful and prosperous society without violations of human rights and other violations of law such as murder, fraud and so on.

In addition, the law needs to be upheld so that US can achieve its goal of creating social justice for all American people, where this goal can be achieved when the law can be enforced as fairly as possible.

To make it clearer, here is a more detailed explanation.

1. Upholding the Supremacy of Law

Have you ever heard of the term rule of law? Those of you who majored in law would know. For those who take other majors, do not necessarily know.

The rule of law is a law that has absolute power in regulating one's actions or relationships in one's life. In other words, all the actions of citizens and even the government run according to the law that has been in force.

Unfortunately the upholding of the rule of law cannot work alone. It needs rules that must be enforced. Of course the rule itself cannot be enforced by itself.

We need legal officials, and the people themselves who can uphold the rule of law. It can be said, the rule of law is only a tool.

We know that any tool when used properly will produce good results. When we use the tool for negative things, it can also cause negative things. like a knife, if the knife is used to slice the spices, then the result is delicious food. it would be a different story if the knife for murder would also have disastrous consequences for the perpetrator.

2. The Upholding of Justice

The second importance of protection and law enforcement is for the sake of upholding justice. The upholding of justice is for the sake of realizing harmony and justice for citizens. Where every US citizen has the right to enjoy obligations and realize justice.

It seems that realizing justice is something that is not easy. In reality, upholding justice is not an easy matter.

It takes legal literacy. one of the factors why the law is not enforced fairly is because many are not law literate. So that people who are not legally literate are used.

3. Creating Peace

The importance of protection and law enforcement is of course for the sake of realizing peace in people's lives. As emphasized by government, who stated that the protection and enforcement of law is not solely the law that applies.

But it depends on several factors. Among them are legal factors, law enforcement factors, community factors, legal facilities and facilities and cultural factors also become determinants.

Unfortunately, the presence of law enforcers or the rule of law based on the law is still being taken away. Then the gap is used to weaken the case or to attack the opponent.

So even opponents who are not technologically literate can be subject to more severe punishments than the actual punishments. That is why it is very important for the public to be educated about the rule of law.

The aim is to provide legal education to the public, of course, so that the community is not easily taken advantage of or used as an alternative by some people who lack humanity. At least with sufficient public education, the potential and utilization of people will also be smaller. So the goal is to create peace.

4. Other Determinants

Sourced from various legal books, the factors that influence the importance of protecting and enforcing the law are not limited to the legal rules mentioned above. was also influenced by many factors.

Among them are influenced by the law itself, law enforcement, the role of the community, the existence of existing facilities and infrastructure. What are the reviews of these other determining factors like, here are some influencing points.

1.  Law

     The law contains laws that regulate society so that it is more orderly. Of course the law is in accordance with the ideology of the State. The making of the law itself is made based on the conditions of society. So it's not made at will.

     Even making the rules itself requires a long process and more thorough meetings and studies. However, it is this law that will be used as a reference in various cases in the future. ranging from mild cases to severe cases.

2. Law enforcement

     Law enforcement is the effort of certain parties to enforce the law. there is a law enforcement role that is in accordance with their respective duties. The role of law enforcement itself is also regulated in legislation.

     As law enforcers, of course, they are required to prioritize fairness and professionalism, so that society is also consistent with the laws that have been enacted.

3. Public

     The importance of protection and law enforcement does not only depend on laws and law enforcers. But the community also plays an important role in realizing the protection and enforcement of the law. therefore, the community also must know and understand the law that has been in effect.

     The importance of protecting and enforcing the law, people also do not only obey the law with self-awareness. But he also has the courage to guard the law so that there are no fraud or customers by just a few people.

4. Facilities that Support Law Enforcement

     It is undeniable that facilities and facilities are able to maximize law enforcement. What are the forms of these facilities?

     Among them are the availability of finance, skilled human resources, and good organization. Then law enforcement can be easily realized.

5. Culture

     More emphasis on copyright and intention that underlies the applicable law. Where these values are included in the abstract conception that is considered good and eventually becomes a role model.

     It cannot be denied that the presence of this culture also teaches us to understand diversity. So that even in the making of policies and laws so that they can be used more broadly and benefit people from various cultures.


From the review and presentation on the importance of protection and law enforcement above, it shows that law enforcement involves many things. Where law enforcement cannot stand alone. But it needs support from many parties and many elements. Starting from the law, law, society.

The importance of protection and law enforcement does not just rely on one or two people. but it takes the involvement of the entire community on the importance of legal literacy.

To prevent abuse and diversion of the rule of law for personal or organizational gains. Hopefully this review on the importance of protection and law enforcement will be of some use.

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