Tips for Starting an Event Organizer Business

Event organizers are professional services whose job is to help organize various events, both formal and non-formal.

In organizing the event, the EO will create the event concept, run down, to the composition of the experienced team to handle it.

There are many reasons that make people choose to use the services of an event organizer, one of which is because they are too busy with daily activities, making it impossible to properly manage an event on their own.

Starting an Event Organizer Business


Event Organizer Business Opportunity

Even though they were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, event organizer service providers will actually continue to be needed. 

This is because event organizers are not only appointed to organize big events. Event organizers are also really needed by several offices that often hold internal meetings, including meetings, outings, handovers, farewells and so on.

The existence of this event organizer is well known and widely used by the public. When someone wants to organize an event, but doesn't have time to take care of all their needs and minimal human resources, of course it would be more practical to leave it to the EO in organizing the event.

The large opportunity for event organizers indirectly implies that this business also promises big profits.

But it would be better if in the event organizer business, you have sufficient capital, skills, and knowledge so that the event can run well.

Types of Event Organizer Types

Event organizers have various categories. When viewed from the type of events held, event organizers are divided into the following categories:

  •      One stop service agency. These event organizers generally hold large-scale events with unlimited service availability.
  •      Music and entertainment. Event organizers that specialize in organizing music and other entertainment events.
  •      MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions). This event organizer focuses on organizing events in the form of a meeting.
  •      Weddings. Event organizers who specifically handle weddings or are also known as wedding organizers (WO).
  •      Private event. The event organizer is appointed to organize and handle private events, such as high-end auctions.
  •      Birthday organizer. This event organizer helps organize birthday events of all ages

With the various types of event organizers, it is increasingly clear that the event organizer business is classified as an SME, which has quite promising results. 

Moreover, the scope of event organizers is proven to be very broad. Are you interested in starting the business? Keep reading this article.

Tips for Starting an Event Organizer Business

Starting an event organizer business requires a lot of preparation and calculations. The reason is, having an event organizer is a very big responsibility. Apart from financial capital, make sure you also do the following tips first:

1. Sharpen communication skills

Good communication skills are the main capital in running an event organizer business. How not, you will be faced with many parties ranging from clients, vendors, to invited guests.

Therefore, you and your team must be good at negotiating and speak professionally in order to gain the trust of the various parties.

An event organizer also needs to prepare a communication strategy for negative possibilities that may occur, such as complaints from customers.

2. Build a solid team

Running an event organizer cannot be done alone or without the help of others. In this business activity, you need a solid and professional team. 

Choose people who are willing to work hard, are nimble, reliable, and creative. No need to recruit a lot, just adjust to the capacity of the event.

3. Build as wide a relationship as possible

     The key to getting clients when you have an event organizer is to build as wide a relationship as possible. 

Keeping quiet or relying on word of mouth marketing is still not enough. Try attending events such as exhibitions, weddings, entertainment, and other events and then get to know lots of people there. 

By introducing many people, your chances of getting clients will be even greater

4. Reliable arrange everything

When you become an event organizer, you need to plan events around time and place, consumption, parties involved, and so on. 

Make sure this plan is made very detailed. Yes, event organizers are required to have leadership qualities to be reliable in managing all aspects related to event events.

For example, in managing consumption, determining the type of menu and the amount is not enough. Coordination is also needed regarding the method of serving, the flow of participants to receive consumption, to food safety, to the color of the tissue.

5. Do online promotions

Finally, do promotions online. You can take advantage of technology such as ads on social media applications, which generally reach a larger audience.

Create attractive promotional materials, include photos or videos regarding the types of events that can be handled. In order to attract potential clients, in these early projects you can also hold promos in the form of discounts or freebies.

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