tips for success in your 20s

The process to success starts from the moment you plan to succeed. The earlier you think about success, the more time you have to prepare yourself to achieve it.

success in your 20s


The 20s are often considered the most productive age of humans. You can feel all kinds of things at this age level. Starting from graduating from college, starting a job, even getting married.

In addition, in this age range, you will be faced with many opportunities that can lead you to success. But unfortunately, there are still many people who miss that opportunity and in their 20s many of these opportunities are wasted.

Don't let that happen to you! Immediately do some of the suggestions below and make the most of your 20s productively.

1. Think About Experience, not Money 

Usually when entering their 20s, many people start working, be it in the form of freelancers, part-time workers, or even permanent workers. The many opportunities available sometimes make you confused about which job to choose.

But this confusion is often eased by simply considering which pays the most. Keep in mind that when you start working, what you should consider is not how much the salary is, but how much experience and learning you will get from the company.

Good and meaningful work experience will make you more valuable in the eyes of the company. Usually a company will see how much work experience you have and whether the work experience is good or not. If you have good experience, then a big salary will also come by itself.

2. Hard Work But Smart

It is certain that if you work hard, then you will get maximum results, because a process that is carried out well will always end well. But is working hard enough to make you successful? Not! Besides working hard, you also have to work smart.

To be a successful person, it takes discipline and persistence in working to give the best. While you are still young, you must have high fighting power at work. But you also have to be a smart worker by using your time effectively and efficiently. That way, you will save your time doing one thing so you can get other work done.

3. Stick to the Student Frugal Lifestyle

Lifestyle is one of the factors that determine one's success. As a relatively new worker because you are still in your 20s, it is better for you to stick to the frugal lifestyle principles like when you were a student. When you were a student, you were used to saving on all expenses because you didn't have a monthly income. Well, keep living in style like that. Why should so? The answer is so that your finances are maintained and your salary can be arranged properly.

4. Dare to Say No to a Friend's Invitation

Don't get me wrong, what is meant here is the courage to say no to a friend's invitation that exceeds your financial ability. Surely there are friends who often invite you to go out or eat to places that are expensive or beyond your means, but because you feel bad about refusing, you still go even though the money situation is very suffocating.

5. Don't hang out too often

The activity that is often done by young people in their 20s is hanging out. Yes, because hanging out is fun, besides you can meet friends, you can also enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and your favorite food or drink. This activity will certainly benefit your social life and friendships.

Having good relationships with other people is indeed one way to widen your chances of success. So, hanging out is beneficial if you don't do it too often, but it can be harmful if you do it too often. To hang out, you will definitely pay. The more you hang out, the higher the costs will be, so it will have a bad impact on your finances.

6. Don't get too carried away by today's trends

Young people tend to have high prestige, especially in terms of trends. Trends that are always changing make many young people very extravagant. Their desire to always be up-to-date makes them try their best to always buy trending items. One item that is often used as a benchmark in terms of trends is gadgets.

Day by day, technology is growing and the price is getting higher. Judgments about self-esteem are often determined by what gadgets they have. But this is wrong. It's useless if you have the latest gadget but it actually hinders you from being successful. do you agree? So, don't follow the trend too much because of prestige.

7. Study Investment

While still young, start to learn to invest. Investment is not easy, sometimes you have to experience failure in doing it. And this 20s is the right time to experience failure and try again, because your age is still very productive and you don't have too much money, so the risk is smaller.

Besides that, investing is not a learning process and you can do it right away, a lot of time will be consumed to learn this profitable thing, but believe me everything will pay off with the results of your investment later. Don't be tired to keep learning! 

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