Tips to Increase Students' Interest in Reading

The low reading interest of these students was apparently influenced by several aspects. 

By knowing some of the causes below, you will know several steps to find solutions to increase student reading interest. 

OK, here are some reasons:

Factors Causing Low Student Interest in Reading 

Tips to Increase Students' Interest in Reading

1. All-Instant Generation

If in the past, to get good information in doing assignments, a student had to read books or at least go to the library to get the expected information, now with the existence of information technology (such as search engines; google, yahoo, baidu, uc browser) makes students / students easily found the information he was looking for.

This instantaneous condition can build a mindset in students to rely on the existence of these information search engines (google, yahoo. Bing, etc.) so that their interest in learning decreases.

Especially when facing exams, students can just bring smartphones into the exam room to be used later to find answers to existing questions, such conditions can make students think "no need to study hard" after all, all information with easily available via the internet.

2. Use of Gadgets

Human behavior from babies to adults when they are eating has changed because they cannot be separated from gadgets.

For example babies cannot eat if their favorite cartoon shows are not played in front of them with gadgets, and actually not only babies, teenagers and adults too many who do eating activities while playing gadgets nowadays.

Today's gadgets are indeed multifunctional, they can be used for watching television, they can take photos, and of course they can play games as a means of entertainment. With only one gadget we can do many things, while forgetting many things.

3. Social Media Influence

Social media plays a big role in influencing students' interest in learning and reading, the existence of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp has more or less taken up students' time in accessing it, as a result the time that actually has to be used to study and read is used up to access social media.

The existence of social media is like an addiction that makes students always want to access it. Some students are more enthusiastic about using social media than reading and studying.

This is considered quite worrying and requires proper anticipation so that students' motivation and interest in reading can grow again.

The habit above if left alone will certainly damage the mindset of the nation's children. Playing gadgets, being active on social media is okay, as long as there are limits. 

Keep cultivating a love of reading so that you are not easily carried away by the flow of information that is getting faster in the current technological era. Don't let yourself be consumed by hoax information because you don't read the whole article.

Tips to Increase Students' Interest in Reading

For this reason, so that your interest in reading increases, here we share tips on how to increase student reading interest which are easy to do everyday.

1. Must be Forced to Read

The first type of increasing students' reading interest is having to be forced to read. When lazy to read appears, all you have to do is fight the laziness.

Usually the hardest part is getting started. Build a reading mood, open a computer or laptop, think about the right writing framework, then put it in related paragraphs.

The various processes seem easy, but if you apply them directly, you will feel for yourself.

2. Get used to Reading

After overcoming lazy reading, start learning to read regularly. By reading regularly, you will get used to reading under any circumstances. If so, you will be helped if laziness starts to come.

Try if you have finished reading today, then the next day don't stop reading. Just start reading again. If you can do it routinely, for example, reading three days a day will create a habit.

What is meant by reading regularly is that you always spend consistent time every day. For example, take half an hour or an hour to read. The rest you can do other activities.

Start getting into the habit of reading regularly for half an hour to an hour first. Challenge yourself! If you can, it means you have entered the consistent reading phase.

It really takes a lot of willpower and discipline, especially if you intend to become the author of a book or novel that will be published. Remember the saying, only by reading every day, one can become a writer.

3. Get together with others who like to read

If laziness to read comes again, try to start hanging out with fellow friends who like to read. Start asking how they solve the problem. Apart from this, gathering friends who have the same hobbies will motivate you to read even better.

Especially if you meet a writer friend who has launched a best seller book, believe me, the desire to be at that achievement will definitely start to awaken.

Gathering with fellow readers will also increase reading sensitivity. You will get new knowledge that can be absorbed from friends who already have experience. This is very useful for improving the quality of writing, if you want to become a writer.

4. Discuss and Join the Community

Discussion can be a powerful way to increase students' interest in reading, because by discussing we can be even more enthusiastic. You can get used to it in book review discussion forums. They will usually give a little review of the book.

Each trainer and management is to review the book once a week and make presentation slides for later discussion and maintain the spirit of reading.

We can also implement it in our community. For example, if you are a member of the Campus TDA Community, then there are several events that are devoted to book review events.

5. Have a List of Popular Books or Recommendations

One of the reasons why we are lazy to read is because when we read a book or whatever it is, we get things that we don't like to read.

So at that time the thing you can do is ask for a list of books recommended by your teacher or lecturer that are likely to be of greater interest. When you read you will usually feel oh right, this is the material I'm looking for.

You can also do this to fellow colleagues who like to read novels. Just ask first what books / novels are good. Usually what becomes a best seller, could be a book that can increase student interest in reading.

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