Up Selling Strategy: How to Get Higher Turnover

What is up selling? Up selling is a strategy of offering products to potential customers by comparing the goods sought with other goods, which have bargaining values, better quality.

Where this up selling strategy is widely used in the marketing world whose goal is to encourage consumers to spend a lot of money to buy products that are really needed.

Maybe some of you are interested in the world of entrepreneurs who run buying and selling businesses. It is very important to know about the term up selling. So, for more detailed information, you can find the answer in this article.

What is Up Selling?


Up Selling Strategy: How to Get Higher Turnover

In general, up selling can be interpreted as a sales technique that recommends consumers to buy products that are more expensive than the products they were after before.

Upselling can also be interpreted as a strategy to recommend more expensive items/products/services to customers in buying products by providing alternatives and their respective advantages.

So it can be concluded that, up selling is an effort to add use value and benefits to the product.

This addition aims to get the satisfaction expected by consumers when making an offer. Where this technique is a technique that creates conditions where consumers tend to choose to buy products with higher and better standards.

Definition of Up Selling According to Experts

According to Key Difference, upselling is a strategy to persuade consumers to buy similar products with higher quality, features and specifications than the product previously sought.

Where is the up selling strategy as an additional buying strategy with more upgraded or more premium goods.

Benefits of Up Selling

Up selling techniques are apparently not only carried out by large-scale business actors. But SMEs can also use this technique. The benefits of up selling in the sale of goods or services are as follows.

1. Increase Revenue

The most prominent advantage is that you will get more income than usual. Of course this happens if the upselling techniques practiced in the real world run smoothly. 

Especially if the product offered is good, and much needed by people. Especially if you already have loyal customers, this method is also quite effective to try.

2. Maximizing Sales

Whether you realize it or not, up selling techniques are effective in maximizing each sales transaction to get the maximum possible profit. One proof that the up selling technique for business people is that they can increase the number of transactions that are higher than usual.

3. Provide Comfort

The benefit that is no less important than the up selling technique is to provide a sense of comfort to customers or consumers. Where the feeling of comfort for consumers is very important and determines whether the person will return to buy again or not.

Generally, consumers who come to buy products, definitely want a quality product, hopefully they will get better service. Sometimes, there are also types of consumers who don't care about price. In fact, they are willing to spend more money, as long as the goods are quality and satisfying.

One of the reasons why up selling techniques can provide a sense of comfort to consumers. Because consumers will get two or more offers or solutions to the product they are looking for. Of course, between one product and another, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, a more expensive product, of course, has more advantages than a similar product whose grade is below it.

How to Do Up Selling

Having a quality and satisfying product really needs a breakthrough. So implementing up selling is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. There are things that need to be worked on. You can also up sell in the following ways.

1. Know the Customer

There is a saying, if you don't know, then you don't love. It's the same in running a business. Especially if you want to apply this upselling technique. At least by knowing the customer, you can find out what the consumer's character, desires and tastes are like.

So that it can more easily answer questions and provide solutions to what consumers want. Of course, every time we want to issue a strategy, we can't think about the benefits from our own side. But also think about the benefits for the customer.

When customers/prospective consumers feel their desires are fulfilled and satisfied. Therein lies the source of his success.

So how do you identify customers? There are many ways you can do this. You can do comprehensive research. You can also observe consumer behavior and there are many other ways, which you can actually do.

2. Obey the 25% rule (25% rule)

Consumers have no problem with higher product prices, and get facilities and benefits. However, it should also be noted that consumers really don't like it when the price difference offered is too high.

Therefore, obey the 25% rule.

The point is, don't provide products with a difference of more than 25% from the products previously offered. Because if upselling is more than 25% of the initial price, it will be considered a strange tool for consumers, and it is certain that many consumers will not buy the product.

3. Market testing

This is very important for those of you who will apply this upselling technique. Make sure before applying this technique that it has passed the TST market.

So, there's nothing wrong with testing it on consumers. Are the results effective or even less effective? Do it with a limited target consumers. When the results are good and effective, it is necessary to finalize a plan. Only then can it be applied to many consumers.

4. Persuasion so as not to waste opportunities

It is undeniable that there are many consumer characters. Some are interested in the upselling program.

There are also those who are not easily attracted by the programs offered to them. For consumers who are not enthusiastic about this, then you also need to emphasize that special opportunities only apply now, and there will be no more opportunities to come.

Persuasion to be interested in the sales program created. But remember, don't force it. Because the highest decision remains with consumers, and they have the right to refuse. So, always prioritize courtesy and respect.

5. Don't make too many recommendations

This is important when implementing up selling. Don't make too many recommendations. Because it will make consumers become confused. You can up sell products just a little bit.

It is better to offer a few products, but the results are maximal, than to offer many products but the results are not good.

6. Dare to take risks

Running a business is not easy. Need nerves of steel. And it takes great courage to take risks. Dare to fail is also an effort to take risks to get results that are as big as the risk at stake.

For example, an upselling program has a greater profit opportunity. However, if the plan fails not according to the analysis, the failure that will be obtained is also the same magnitude. So to dare to take a step, it takes courage to take this risk.

7. Maintain good relations with consumers

It is common knowledge for traders to keep their business running smoothly and profitably.

One way is to maintain good relations with consumers. Both new customers and old customers. Even for consumers who rarely come though.

There are many ways you can do it, for example sending whatsapp or e-mails to consumers about attractive programs and promos from your business.

Remember! In optimizing up selling, the seller must have a very deep understanding of the benefits and prices offered to the buyer. That's why, you have to master what is called product knowledge.

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