Ways to Career Success

In the world of work everyone, you, your colleagues, your relatives or whoever they are, will not be separated from problems.

Problems sometimes come suddenly, sometimes we are unconsciously making trouble. Too late, less this, less that, wrong this wrong and so on.

A workplace will become a beautiful "paradise" if the person who is in charge of a job can feel the coolness of a job. It sounds a little corny, “workplace paradise”.

This means that someone who already enjoys a certain job, he will get carried away in that job, sometimes even forgetting to eat.

Success in Career


So is work, we need to take care of it with a harmonious work bond full of intimacy, giving fertilizer to cooperation with full understanding in competition.

Ways to Career Success

The way of life of some people is programmed by the outside world from them. At some point it can be changed. 

If what we have thought we are doing is judged to be not good, not effective and not optimal, we can change our mindset behavior with a better mindset than before so that it creates new habits that are better and provide greater benefits to other people, family and even company though.

Success in any field, such as entrepreneur, managers, businessmen, politicians, lawyers, lecturers or teachers, laboratory researchers, even though you have to be skilled at communicating. The formula for success is focused on communication.

Understandably this era is the age of information. Information also drives change. Good communication breeds transparency. We become more open, and quickly learn from mistakes.

Success Formulas

Some of the formulas for success include:

1. Optimism is the most powerful fuel to climb such a high ivory tower.

2. Passion, is a sense of enthusiasm and satisfaction that continues to be carried out without getting bored.

3. Focus, like the sun, a star with great light energy, but because the light is scattered, it is enough to warm. However, with the help of a mirror lens, the sun's light is focused on one point, and from that point a fire appears.

Success with negotiations

Negotiation is a process in which two or more parties who have different interests and goals work to find a solution on a matter that is mutually acceptable and mutually beneficial. 

Negotiations are often viewed as unpleasant because of the possibility of conflict, when in fact negotiations need not be characterized by bad feelings or angry behavior.

Negotiation tips:

     Understand the other party's perspective
     State our needs
     Set up options
     Don't argue
     Think time

The more positive, optimistic and happy we are, the more people will want to be around us and help us in every way. 

The key to being a good person is to treat others the way we want to be treated. Positive people activate the law of attraction and attract people and circumstances into their lives that are aligned with their desires.

1. Honesty
2. Intensity
3. Focus
4. Think rationally
5. Take it as a challenge

5 Steps to make dreams come true

  • Decide (decide) what you want to change
  • Research options
  • Evaluate options
  • Act on your plan
  • Maintain your dream

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