Difference between Agent and Reseller, Don't Get It Wrong!

The difference between agents and resellers often confuses beginners in running their business. Many young entrepreneurs misinterpret the two. Therefore, it is important for you to know the following differences, especially those related to the tasks carried out.

What is an Agent?

Agents can be interpreted as distribution business actors. Where agents focus as intermediaries. Agents can also be interpreted as third parties who already have agreements with sellers or with suppliers whose job is to distribute goods. 

The agent will later get a commission on the goods distributed, without owning or controlling the goods being distributed.

Difference between Agent and Reseller

What is a Reseller?

Meanwhile, what is meant by a reseller is someone who buys products from a company or supplier. The proceeds from this sale will later be resold. 

Generally, the special purchase price for resellers is cheaper than the general buyer. Unlike agents, resellers are required to have products, while agents do not have to own products.

Agent Duties and Responsibilities

After knowing the difference between an agent and a reseller, an agent also has a duty. This is the job of an agent.

  •      As an intermediary who is responsible for selling products from companies or suppliers.
  •      As a principal in selling goods
  •      Distributing products from the company/supplier to the seller.
  •      Educate about the products sold to the seller
  •      Receive customer service, whether in the form of complaints, consultations or technical assistance.
  •      Determine customer or consumer priorities.

Those are some of the duties and responsibilities of agents. For those of you who are interested in pursuing this field, you will have the opportunity to explore various regions and allow you to have acquaintances with sellers out there.

Duties and Responsibilities of Resellers

Resellers also have different tasks from agents. If you can see the agent's duties in the description above, then the following are the reseller's duties and responsibilities.

1. Finding the Right Product

A reseller is tasked with finding products that are according to his wishes. Of course, products that have potential and are much sought after by potential consumers.

2. Conducting Surveys

As a seller, of course you need a mature strategy and analysis regarding the market opportunity for the product you are going to sell.

Therefore, a market survey is needed whether the product to be sold is sought after by potential customers or vice versa. Because if there are no visitors, of course the turnover you will get will also be low.

3. Looking for a Trusted Agent

When you want to join as a reseller, your job is to find a trusted agent. Make sure to look for a trusted agent who is already registered. Because in the digitalization era like now, opportunities for fraud in the name of an agent are common.

4. Marketing the Products Sold

The duties and responsibilities of a reseller who already has a product are to market it, so that the product reaches the hands of consumers who need it.

5. Serving Consumers

We know that the consumer is king. So it is appropriate if we also provide service to consumers as best as possible. Good service, of course, will attract the attention of consumers to become loyal customers.

6. Maintain Product Image

Even if you sell more than one product from one supplier/agent/company. You also have the responsibility to maintain a good product brand image. Namely by highlighting the positive side and advantages of the product to consumers.

7. Knowledge Products

Even though you are a reseller, it turns out that it is also important to know product knowledge. At least by knowing product knowledge well, it will be easier for you to provide education to potential customers.

The difference between agents and resellers

agents and resellers

It is undeniable that when running a business, we will also be dealing with agents and resellers. As a boss, you must know the difference between the two.

In order not to be interpreted the same, even though the two are two different things. So, what are the differences between agents and resellers specifically?

1. Agent Difference

Specifically, the differences between agents can be seen as follows.

  •      The capital issued by agents is much larger and higher than resellers
  •      Agents have the opportunity to earn greater profits
  •      Only focus on finding resellers, not focusing on finding consumers directly.
  •      An agent's profit from sales commissions and sales difference
  •      As a third person who connects the company with resellers or skippers
  •      Agents have more flexible working hours, they only deliver product stock, and direct sales issues are handled by resellers

2. Reseller differences

After knowing the differences between agents, it's less good if you don't write down the differences between a reseller. You can see below.

  •      Resellers only spend a smaller initial capital than agents. The profit earned by resellers is also small
  •      The profit earned by resellers comes from the difference between sales and in accordance with the offer
  •      Required to find as many consumers as possible in order to get greater profits.
  •      Resellers work or act on their own behalf, not on behalf of an organization or company.
  •      Resellers directly distribute goods to consumers, without intermediaries from other parties
  •      In terms of time, resellers are not as flexible as agents. Because resellers must sell directly to consumers.

That is the difference between agents and resellers which is important for skippers and business people who pursue this field.

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