Often times, we pay little attention to small things that turn out to have a big effect on our daily lives, sometimes, we are so busy pursuing achievements without occasionally balancing between our own needs and the targets we want to achieve.

Even we focus too much on small mistakes and forget to appreciate what you have done, for a more optimal, calmer and happier life, here are some habits that are suitable for you to apply in your daily life.



1) Drink enough mineral water

Water is the main human need, we often consume water without calculating the water content, have the daily needs been met, or have not, drinking water is important to balance the body and increase concentration.

If daily water intake is lacking, then the performance of the organs and the brain will not be optimal, of course this can have a serious impact on health, also what we do will not be optimal. 

2) Doing stretching and light exercise after waking up

If you don't have much time for jogging or other sports, take the time to do some stretching starting from your head, shoulders, wrists, down to your feet in the morning, this really helps to improve blood circulation and makes the body more relaxed in carrying out daily activities. -day.

3) Breakfast before 9am

Breakfast is of course a very important thing to start the day, but so many of us skip breakfast due to rush. Starting the day certainly requires energy to help the brain work and supply the strength to move. and of course, we need to pay attention to the intake of nutrients in our food.

Avoid foods with high sugar / glucose levels, as best as possible avoid eating rice, flour, fried foods in the morning. For breakfast we can replace it with oatmeal, cereal milk, cereal, bread, fruit, or biscuits and whole grains.

4) Consuming vitamins / fruit and foods that contain vitamins

With seasons that tend to be unpredictable and temperatures that sometimes change very extreme, it requires us to maintain our immune system as best we can, one of which is by consuming vitamins, especially vitamin C.

Vitamin C is one of the vitamins that can be reached easily. C has many uses for health, good for immunity, antioxidants, and good for skin health.

5) Take 10 minutes to tidy things up

Sometimes, we always find it difficult to find free time, with a feeling that the schedule is so busy, we don't have the ability to tidy up the things around us.

However, try to spend 8-10 minutes on a timer and start clearing things around by category, for example: tidying up messy bookshelves and study tables, try using 10 minutes to be calm and focused, and see the changes, do it regularly every day, it's not a matter of how many things are taken care of at one time, but look at the developments for some time in the future. Do it consistently.

6) Reading Books

Reading books is a habit that has a big impact on human life. The more books we read, the more things we know.

Try starting little by little to get used to reading books every day, even if it's only 10-15 minutes per day, if done consistently, little by little the habit will continue, and the more time you read each day, reading is proven to make memory better. stronger, and the brain is more active.

7) Read the News

Of course besides reading books, we must be up to date with domestic and foreign news, and don't forget to read other people's comments and views regarding what is happening, and try to express your views by writing or speaking in discussion groups, with once the pattern of critical thinking will continue to be honed, the sensitivity will be sharper in responding to what is happening around.

8) Journaling everyday

Yep, there is a saying that whatever the profession, we have to be able to write, we don't need to be a book writer/other. Writing is the main human activity after reading, we are always required to write, whether it's taking down daily lessons, or making papers.

Writing down any events on a daily basis makes us learn to string together words and increase vocabulary, also sharpens memory, besides that, you will appreciate your achievements more every day, be more grateful for what you have achieved and have, write a daily journal is also an effective way to communicate with yourself, unconsciously, when writing a journal we will pour out all our feelings and emotions in the diary, our feelings are clearly illustrated, and of course afterwards we will learn to respect and appreciate ourselves as a whole. maximum.

9) Set Goals

After writing a daily journal, start setting your goals, not only long term, medium term goals, but goals to be achieved every day, also write down your goals and start strategizing the steps you will take to achieve your dreams, write them in style 'present tense' which is as if all these things have already happened, such as: I visited Japan, I have become a director, and so on.

By writing in real terms, our subconscious processes and believes what we write as if it were real, and after writing don't forget to visualize or imagine the dreams that have been planned, after that our dreams will feel very close and indirectly we will motivated to be more active in achieving dreams.

10) Pray

This last point is the most important point for humans, never get tired of praying and hoping to God Almighty, be sure that God always helps His servants who always depend on hope and ask Him.

Easy isn't it? Good luck! The key is not in quantity, but in the commitment that is built by yourself, the spirit of fighting to be a successful person!


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