Effective Tips to Increase Income and Save Expenses

Are you one of those people who like shopping at malls or super markets? Dinner at a famous restaurant? 

Or do you often have parties with your friends or co-workers? If the answer is "yes", then be careful! Maybe you are a spender.

People who live extravagantly will always feel deprived. That's because the money he has quickly run out and nothing left. As a result, a month's salary or income runs out in a matter of weeks or even days.

Wasteful Behavior

Effective Tips to Increase Income and Save Expenses

Factors Causing Wasteful Behavior. There are many factors that cause people to behave extravagantly, including:

1. Not Having Good Planning

There is a saying "good planning is half the success". That is, if we have a task that we must carry out and complete, then we must make a good and mature plan. After that, we can only work and complete the task according to the plan that we have previously arranged.

People who live extravagantly usually don't have a good financial plan, so that whatever money goes into their pocket or savings at the beginning of the month will often run out before one month.

2. Consumptive Lifestyle

People who are wasteful are often tempted to buy things or things that they really don't need. When he walks to the mall and sees shoes, sandals, watches or clothes with a discount of 50% to 70%, he will not hesitate to buy them. 

Even though he has clothes, shoes, sandals and watches at home that are still good and he rarely wears them.

3. The feeling of wanting to show off and maintain prestige

Everyone has the nature of wanting to be praised and flattered and maintaining prestige in front of others.

But if this trait is excessive, it will harm yourself and others. People who like to show off and care too much about their prestige will be labeled badly by their friends or others.

People who like to show off will waste their money buying clothes, shoes, accessories and items that they really don't need. The desire to show off and prestige proved to have sucked up the money he had.

These three factors make it difficult for someone to get a high salary or income. Besides that, if we cannot get rid of the three negative attitudes above, expenses will continue to grow and it will be difficult for us to save on expenses.

Effective Tips to Increase Income and Save Expenses


There are several ways to avoid wasteful behavior, including:

Make a Budget Plan

Make a shopping list that you will buy each month. This is important so that you know how much money we spend each month. If it turns out that your spending this month is more than the budget we made, then next month you can reduce some expenses that are too big.

Do not be easily tempted by discount prices and promos
If you go to the mall, you will see lots of items at low prices and attractive discounts. Don't be tempted! And make sure you only buy what you need.

Reduce Less Useful Treatments

If you've been going to the salon five times a month for hair and body treatments, maybe now is the time to cut back. Once or twice a month, body care is necessary, but if you can't control it, it will result in your spending increasing every month.

Control Your Lust and Prestige

Do you often have dinner with your family? Or do you often treat your friends at work lunch? If "yes" then you need to reduce it.

Having dinner with the family is important so that togetherness and harmony can be established in the family. However, if it is often done outside the home it will cause financial problems.

Make a schedule when you have to eat with your family at home and have dinner outside the home (restaurant or restaurant) with your family.

Treating friends or co-workers can maintain work cohesiveness and increase intimacy in the office, but you must be able to manage time. Do not let because of prestige or wanting to be labeled generous by friends, you lose control in treating friends.

Don't use prestige as an excuse for wasting your money.

Bring Enough Money When Shopping.

If you really want to get rid of this extravagant disease, then you really have to practice this method.

Bring enough money in your wallet or pocket when you want to shop at the mall. If you carry a lot of cash, chances are you will be tempted to buy things you don't need.

Make Your Needs Priority Scale

You have to be selective when shopping. Make sure that the items you put in your shopping cart are the things you really need. First fill the items that are your primary needs. For secondary needs (supporting needs) we will only fulfill if there is still money left at the end of the month. 

Have a Dream to Achieve something

If you have a dream then you will have strong motivation to become successfull to achieve it.

For example, if you have a dream of owning a new car with a well-known brand next year, then from now on you will work hard to save and save so that the money you save can be collected and next year the dream of owning a new car can come true.

Always remember your dream so that you are more careful in using your money.

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