How to sell online without capital and stock

How to sell online without capital, is it possible today? Turns out it really does, you know. There are many ways to do this.

So for those of you who are looking for extra money, you can take a peek at how to sell online without capital. But before we review, take a peek at the reasons why you choose to sell online compared to selling offline.

Why Choose Online Sales?

In the digitalization era, it seems that it is not easy to get money. Having your own business and selling it offline is not as beautiful as one might think. Especially if it is done by students and students who certainly do not have capital.

sell online

How do you have capital? Just less pocket money. In this era of digitalization, it is indeed demanded to be technologically literate. When compared, the digital era has opportunities and many can make money more easily, compared to the time of our parents or grandparents.

Now, even if you don't have capital, you can still sell. When you don't have goods/services, you can still sell other people's products/services. Then you can benefit from the sale.

Or for those of you who are social and social media, which has a lot of followers. Then you can earn money through endorsements, or become an influencer. There are many ways to get money without having to spend a lot of capital.

Especially in today's era, everything has to be online. Starting from eating, shopping, buying equipment and buying credit to paying for electricity, now everything can be done online. That's why, selling online is more interesting and more eye-catching than offline.

That is also the reason why you choose to sell online compared to selling online. In terms of demand, and people's habits in the digital era are starting to change. Many are turning online. Especially now that many marketplace platforms have sprung up that make it easier for you to keep selling and earn money.

How to sell online without capital and stock

How to sell online without capital can be done in various ways. As previously mentioned. Even if you don't have stock, you can still become a seller and make a profit.

So, can't wait, how do you sell online without capital? Immediately, see the review as follows.

1. Choose Products to Sell

The most important and main way to sell online without capital is to determine the product to be sold. Even if you are not the one producing the goods, you are still allowed to choose the product. Choose a product that suits your style and taste.

If you are interested in the world of plants, then you can choose that. Conversely, if you are interested in the world of literacy and the world of education, then you can become a book reseller. So, maybe some of you are asking, how do you get the product? While you can't produce anything, you can only market or resell.

There are many ways, one of which is being curious and spoilers about products that you like. How to find information about a particular product. then check their social media, and contact them. Ask if they open a reseller or dropship.

2. Creating Digital Channels

If you have done the method of selling online without capital. So the next step is you need to prepare the digital channel first. As the title implies, you will sell online. So, of course, you have to have digital channels.

Not all channels have to do. You can only take advantage of digital channels that you are good at. it would be even better if you have the urge to learn about selling on digital channels. Oh yeah, maybe someone doesn't know the type of digital channel?

Basically digital channels have many types. Because there were too many, a large sub was made to represent the various types. So, there are three big digital channels, namely social media, website and Google My Business. For more details, take a peek at the review below.

a. Social media

The most commonly used channel and I'm sure almost all millennials and generation Z know social media. Even more proficient than me who was born in this millennial. Social media has many types, including the following.

  •      Facebook
  •      Instagram
  •      Twitter
  •      ticktock
  •      WhatsApp
  •      Telegram

The social media above can actually be used as a means for selling online without capital. So far, social media has only been used to play, show off photos, display photos, upload videos and express thoughts, feelings and so on.

For someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit, social media is not used to play around as mentioned. But used as a means for promotion, advertising and personal branding. Of course this is far more useful and can be used as a sizable source of income.

For example a businessman who knows there is someone who has a lot of followers. They dare to pay the person to market their product. So, now this method has also begun to be applied by resellers or dropships to sell their wares.

b. Website (Optional)

Digital channels that are higher than social media are utilizing websites to sell online. Of course managing a website is much different from managing social media. The level of complexity and difficulty is also different.

But in terms of functions and benefits both provide benefits for users. Of course for those who can manage it.

Creating a website does require cash capital which is not bad for students. But for those of you who want to have a free website, you still can. There are many providers that provide free websites such as blogger and wordpress. Because it's free, of course you shouldn't want it much. But if it's for beginners, I think the free ones are more than enough.

Except for those of you who do have more knowledge about websites and have sales products that reach the middle to upper reaches. Then you can buy a website that is bigger so that the performance of the website is also getting worse. So that the profits are also increasingly miwir.

c. Google My Business

Have you ever heard of Google My Business? Maybe there are those who answer familiar and some who answer foreign. It turns out that Google My Business is a digital channel that can be used to sell online.

There are many benefits offered from Google My Business, including the following.

     Can be used to design search keywords for the products or sales that you offer.
     Often also used to create online stores that make it easier for consumers to choose products and can immediately buy in one touch "click"
     As a digital catalog, where potential customers can see in full, details of all catalogs that are traded.
     If you often shop online, you must have come across customer reviews, right? Well, one of the benefits of Google My Business is to help see reviews from buyers.
     There is a chat or message feature online. Apart from increasing performance your work in business, also that buyers and sellers interact directly related to the product they want to find and customers need more information about the product.
     For those who know online marketing, Google My Business also provides local SEO to reach the target market.

Of all the benefits of google my business above, in fact you have often found concrete examples. Because in everyday life we often find it. It's just that we don't know if it's included in Google My Business.

3. Choose a Dropship System

The third way to sell online without capital is that you can choose the dropship system. Maybe some of you are confused about the difference between dropship and reseller? So, to make it easier to understand, you can see the differences in the following table.


Members do not need to spend money or capital at all. Become a member as an intermediary/broker or a third person who only distributes advertisements to consumers.

  1. Members are required to issue capital or money in advance. So members buy products from the company at reseller prices (cheaper). Then the members sell it at market price or can sell it at a higher price, depending on the agreement.
  2. Members will benefit based on agreements and agreements with the company. Members will get a percentage of the profits from the products that have been traded. So the profit earned has been determined by the company. Members are free to determine how much profit they want.
  3. Products ordered by consumers can be represented by members, or can also be represented by the company (depending on agreements and regulations from the company). Goods/services ordered by consumers are processed and packaged by members themselves.
  4. Members do not need to be complicated and painstakingly packing products/services. Because it will be taken care of by the company. In terms of staff, resellers are more complicated because they have to take care of shipping goods and do their own packing.

If you look at the differences above, the way to sell online without capital is called dropshipping. Unfortunately, not all companies open dropship services.

4. Product Upload

The next way to sell online without capital is to upload the product on the digital channel that you have created. Tips for your uploads to get impression, reach and appeal are to upload products regularly and consistently.

When uploading products, you also need to learn about copywriting, how to create advertisements and pay attention to the content of the images or videos that will be uploaded. Don't post random photos. As much as possible to attract attention.

5. Attractive Promos & Campaigns

How to sell online without capital is not always successful. If you only post photos, people are not necessarily interested. Therefore it takes tricks and strategies. For example, a strategy to attract consumers by providing promos or conducting attractive campaigns.

Indeed, this method is not easy, but you can learn it yourself. Especially now that there is more and more knowledge about online marketing on Google. You can search, learn and practice. If you are still a beginner, don't worry about being wrong. Just try, because by trying you will know what is wrong and what is right.

6. Sell in your Community

It can also be done in another way. For example selling goods/services to the community. Talking about the community, it is very important to pay attention to the type of community. For example, the product you are selling is a book. Then don't sell products to the plant community. But sell it in the book community.

Maybe someone asks, what if you don't have a community? A little share to all friends. You can use social media to join the community. There are lots of communities on social media. The A to Z community is there.

You can join and share your sales there. So, make sure when sharing in the community, don't do it too often. Why is that? Because there are several communities on social media that have been designed like robots. He can read the content you share.

There are some communities that will remove selling content and that attach external links from social media. So, you can spoiler and find out in advance about the community rules that you follow. Also avoid selling posts too often, because it will be considered as spam.

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