Facts About Caddy Golf, Not an Easy Job?

For golf fans, of course, they are familiar with the term caddy. Caddy golf can also be considered as an assistant to golf players. 

Caddy are women or men who help golfers on the course. They used to help prepare tools, get the ball to measure the field.

Caddy tasks require them to interact with various golfer characters on the course. So it is not uncommon for many negative news or myths to circulate about the caddy profession.

In fact, these myths are far different from the facts on the ground. For more details, see the review of the following facts about caddy.

Facts About Caddy Golf

Facts About Caddy Golf, Not an Easy Job?

The majority are attractive

Most of the caddies or golf girls in Indonesia have an attractive appearance, although they don't always have to dress sexy.

This is understandable considering that to become a caddy one must meet certain requirements, starting from height to attractive appearance. So it can be seen that most caddies have beauty like a model.

However, to become a caddy, being beautiful is not enough. As a golfer guide on the course, caddy is required to be able to provide moral support to the players he accompanies.

In the game of golf, a golfer's mood can change. If the player's mood is down, that's when the role of a caddy is needed. The caddy must understand the player's feelings and be able to motivate him to continue the game. 

The caddy's friendly, thorough and enthusiastic attitude certainly makes golfers excited to finish the game.

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Required to be smart

Besides an attractive appearance, it turns out that a golf caddy is also required to have intelligence. They have to be smart and have at least a high school or vocational education degree, and not a few golf caddies have undergraduate degrees.

If the educational requirements have been met, these caddy candidates still have to attend special training for several months.

This training aims to make caddy know the ins and outs of the golf course, have the accuracy to analyze the distance between holes, master golf rules, analyze weather and wind direction and can help golfers choose the appropriate golf club.

Not an easy job

During this time, the issue that has been widely developed is that caddy jobs are easy, they only accompany golfers to pull golf bags and retrieve balls. Even though the caddy's job is actually not a fool's job. 

A caddy must arrive early to prepare equipment, clean golf clubs, see the condition of the course and count the number of balls. 

When preparing equipment for golfers, they must make sure there are no mistakes. Because the slightest mistake can be fatal for golfers.

The income is tempting

The caddy profession is synonymous with high wages. The tip they get is around 100$. Not even a few who tip up to 30$ – 200$. Not to mention the monthly salary they get from golf rental owners. So that in one month a caddy can earn more income. 

Caddy's high income is understandable considering that their professional responsibilities are also quite heavy. The abilities they have indirectly affect the success of the players. So, the higher the caddy's ability, the bigger the tip they can get.

Must have a strong physique

A caddy is not only required to have an attractive and intelligent appearance, fire is also required to have a strong physique. On golf courses that do not provide golf carts, a caddy has to walk for kilometers while pulling a golf bag. This of course requires prime stamina so that the caddy can survive on the field.

From the facts about the golf caddy above, it can be concluded that caddy work is not an easy job. Like any other job, this profession requires high professionalism and dedication.

Conclusion : Caddy golf profession is often underestimated and easy. In fact, the facts on the ground show that this profession is as difficult as other professions and requires high professionalism and dedication.

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